The 5 Roles of a Personal Trainer

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What does a personal trainer do?

The answer is different depending on who you ask, as no two people go to a personal trainer for the exact same reasons. Everyone has their own desires, aspirations and abilities when it comes to health and fitness, so a personal trainer must be able to do a number of things that are helpful to anyone.

Here are what we consider to be the 5 main roles that a personal trainer can fulfil:


  • Provides a structured training programme of regular exercise and effective recovery between sessions.
  • Creates interesting, engaging and adaptable workout routines.
  • Instructs on correct form and technique for exercises.
  • Helps to rehabilitate injury with appropriate stretches and movements.

The bread and butter of a personal trainer’s service, coaching expertise is vital in providing a programme of exercise that is not only effective but also tailored to each individual and their goals.

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Mentor and Motivator

  • Helps to get to the root of why you want to exercise and keeps it in your mind.
  • Encourages you during hard training and keeps you going until the end.
  • Gives you accountability for when your self-motivation is low.
  • Listens to your concerns and difficulties, providing answers and advice to put you at ease.

Many people lack the basic motivation required to exercise, while other just procrastinate or cut corners. It’s understandable, exercise can be pretty tough! A personal trainer can motivate and encourage you through the hardest parts of a fitness journey, as well as being both a good listener and a voice of reason.


  • Helps you understand the value of macronutrients and what your body needs.
  • Provides a breakdown of your needs and outlines a diet plan that compliments your exercise programme.
  • Gives meal recipes and tips, recommends new foods and sources of macros and gives snacking alternatives!

While being strict isn’t necessarily the best way to keep a healthy diet, effective nutrition does need discipline, structure and consistency. This can all be provided by a personal trainer, who imparts nutritional knowledge that will compliment and supplement a healthy lifestyle.

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  • Helps you set goals and timescales for achieving them.
  • Gives honest advice on what you should aim for, as well as keeping your sights high.
  • Adapts the training and diet programme to suit your progression and if you’re enjoying it.

Having someone who is not only setting goals but also tracking your progress towards them is key when getting fitter or trying to lose weight. Personal trainers are able to provide this structure and target-setting, while giving the best advice they can on what you could be doing better.


  • Gives you advice from personal experience.
  • Imparts their research and new trends or discoveries in the health and fitness industry.
  • Helps build an understanding of techniques, tips and mind sets that you can carry with you for life.

Every personal trainer has their own unique personality and preferences, imparting knowledge they’ve gained throughout their fitness career that can help you to think differently about your own experience with diet and exercise.

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