Training with PGPT is all about the results you achieve. During our first meeting, we will discuss your health and fitness background. You will be weighed, and your key measurements taken. This may sound daunting, but you’ll love it when we reach week six and do it again!

From that first meeting, we will work together to set and attain realistic goals. You will be given fitness testing, so we can record an accurate starting point and you will be able to track how far you’ve come in our regular assessments.

Our 6 secrets to success

We’re confident that you’ll succeed with your fitness goals because all PGPT programmes include each of the following components.


The foundation of all health and fitness


To fill in the voids in your nutritional programme

Resistance Training

Increase lean muscle mass and metabolism

Cardiovascular Exercise

Optimise Fat Burning


To prevent injury and promote recovery


To provide knowledge, support and accountability