“I created PGPT fuelled with a passion to change the mind-set of busy London professionals & business owners; without health, success is nothing.”


Our Premier Coaching and Wellbeing Services

A Message from Peter Gaffney

“Originally from Brisbane Australia, I moved to London and found the lifestyle was fast paced & stressful; where people have very little time for their own physical and mental wellbeing. At PGPT, we have therefore developed a range of bespoke personal training services designed to fit into and around this environment, with our unique mobile service that provides busy London professionals and business owners with the very best training available at a time and place that suits them.”

Client Success Stories

  • David, Director 33, lost 23kg in 6 months

    “PGPT has been great to work with. Supportive, insightful and tailored to my available time and individual needs. I have had a great experience with Pete and the team.”

    A fantastic health turnaround from David. Our service fitted around his busy and demanding schedule.
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  • Ian (47) lost 6.2% body fat and 10cm from his stomach in 12 weeks

    “I lead an extremely busy and stressful life. The consequence of this was constantly feeling burnt out and exhausted. I joined PGPT because I need change in my life for the sake of my family and for my health. 12 weeks later and I found myself energised, fit, strong and not just physically healthy but mentally strong.”
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  • In 16 weeks Michelle lost 42lbs of fat and gained 8lbs of muscle

    “With fantastic leadership from Pete, the whole team at PGPT has been amazing in their expertise, knowledge and support as I embarked on my focused fitness and nutrition journey.”
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  • Michael, lost 57lbs &23cm from around his stomach in 12 months

    It definitely takes the training that one would do by one’s self up several levels. So the satisfaction at the end is much greater. For me it was about understanding my body and the accountability that made all the difference.
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  • Adam, transformed his body and health in 6 months

    PGPT got me back on the road to living a more healthy life. The trainers are all excellent not only in the session but also by providing constant support and encouragement.
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Your Mobile Personal Trainer in London!

Experience a unique mobile personal training service carefully developed for those with restrictive schedules and a demanding career. With Mobile Personal Training from PGPT, a member of our team of experienced trainers will come to your home or workplace to conduct a personal training programme, carefully developed for your unique requirements and circumstances.

The training, nutrition and lifestyle habits we introduce to our clients have typically improved all areas of their lives. From their physical condition and happiness, to their energy and mental performance in the workplace, they are all now better versions of themselves.

Fitness and improved wellbeing can be achieved by anyone. Starting is the hardest part, but the results are life changing.

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London’s Choice of Mobile Personal Trainer

PGPT ensure that we offer our clients the best service, not just during their training sessions, but seven days a week. Being available via email or phone to support, encourage and support our clients though their journey. We also have a dedicated client support and care team to make sure you achieve success in the quickest possible time.

Why you should use PGPT to help reach your optimal fitness:

  • We’ll constantly fitness adjust your regime to ensure you reach your health or performance goals
  • Our workout sessions will suit your current level of fitness
  • Our workouts can vary as much as you require, keeping each workout interesting
  • We are able to provide you with a challenge on days you really want to push yourself
  • It’s someone to be accountantable to for your fitness and health
  • We can develop a programme for specific illnesses, injuries or conditions – like muscle issues or even arthritis
  • We can help you train for specific events like marathons
  • Many areas in London covered
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Where Do We Cover for Mobile Personal Training?

Our bespoke mobile personal training service is available to those in West, Central and North West London, covering areas like Hampstead, Highgate, St John’s Wood, Totteridge, Kensington, Chelsea, Bushey and Radlett. We can come to your home or workplace in this area.

We also offer remote personal training sessions if you are outside our coverage area or are someone who travels a great deal.

Although we are mobile trainers who visit people in their homes, we also offer a remote and online service. With dedicated fitness professionals on hand to answer your questions via email, we can still offer you a nutritional plan, an exercise routine and coach you on your fitness journey.

How Do I Get Started?

The first step towards your fitness goals is to fill in our short contact form

One of our qualified personal trainers will call to discuss your physical fitness needs and different options. They will be able to answer any questions you have.

Typical areas covered: Totteridge, St John’s Wood, Highgate, Hampstead, Chelsea, Kensington and more areas in North and West London!

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Definitely one of the best investments you can make. If you are committed and determined to succeed then you are 99.9% guaranteed success. These guys do not have “no” and “impossible” in their vocabulary and for them your success is also theirs.Steven (47) lost 3.52% body fat and 6cm from his stomach in 7 weeks (results may vary from person to person)
PGPT are excellent trainers. They have totally turned round my fitness levels and diet and enabled me to lose weight in a structured fashion as well as dramatically improving my fitness levels. If you are looking for excellent trainers, with a great understanding of their clients, there is no one better than PGPT.
Adam Cannon, Legal Director (results may vary from person to person)