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At PGPT, our highly skilled mobile personal trainers are determined to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Find out why a mobile personal trainer is the perfect option for busy professionals looking to improve their fitness with our complimentary consultation:

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PGPT not only changed my weight and my fitness levels, they changed my outlook and drive in life.Philip, CEO

A Personal Experience

When working on your fitness it is important to remember that every person is different. At PGPT we tailor our mobile personal training to each individual to ensure that they can achieve their fitness goals. A mobile personal trainer will discuss your personal fitness goals to create a routine to suit you as an individual. By creating a personalised routine, you will be able to effectively achieve your goals.

Furthermore, a mobile personal trainer in London comes to you. This means that there are none of the usual disruptions found in the gym, allowing our attention to be completely focused on you. By focusing our attention on you, we are able to keep your fitness as a priority, helping you to effectively and efficiently achieve your goals.

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Positive Mind Set

A huge hurdle in achieving your fitness goals is a negative mind-set. A mobile personal trainer will help keep you motivated, reminding you of your goals. By keeping your eyes on the prize, a mobile personal trainer will help you to achieve your goals efficiently. Mobile personal trainers also come to you, so you don’t have to motivate yourself to go to the gym – even better!

Mobile personal trainer training with a client at home

Focus on the Results

At PGPT, we are focused on real results and achieving your fitness goals. Whether you set a number of short term goals to keep you motivated, or you are looking to maintain and improve your fitness in the long term, a mobile personal trainer will keep you focused on your goals.

Mobile personal trainer client body transformation.

A Modern Problem

It has to be said that modern technology has had a huge impact on fitness. With so much technology available, we have become lazy, from cars to online shopping, we spend so much time sitting down. This lifestyle has had a huge impact on our health, and we often forget about our fitness and well-being. Thankfully, with a mobile personal trainer, there is no excuse to not exercise. A mobile personal trainer will come to you at a time and place to suit you. No more walking (or driving!) to the gym, you can exercise where and when you feel comfortable.

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Mobile Personal Trainer In London

At PGPT we are passionate about results and we are determined to help you achieve your fitness goals. By creating close relationships with our individual clients, we help you to set realistic goals and work hard to help you achieve these.

PGPT not only changed my weight and my fitness levels, they changed my outlook and drive in life. I was often lethargic and tired at the end of the day. Now I’m full of energy and productive all day.David, CEO

If you are looking to achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle, get in touch. PGPT can help you.

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A time-poor CEO working out after the kids are in bed, a busy London Consultant with a hectic schedule exercising in the home office – it’s all about working out at a time suited to you.

Family, work and business are important but, our health and well-being is vital to each.

A mobile personal trainer fits around YOU and we supply the equipment.

Client training with a mobile personal trainer at home.


A mobile personal trainer session is more private than traditional training sessions.

A mobile personal training session provides discretion, keeping your personal development between you and your trainer.

It’s an ideal way to continue your progression out of sight from colleagues, clients or the press

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Personalised Workout Programme

Pain and injuries can have a massive impact on the quality of day to day life. With a mobile personal trainer developing a tailored workout programme, your rehabilitation and physical improvement can be much more effective.

Similarly, a personalised workout can be developed to improve posture – counter issues with being at desk for long hours.

As each workout is completely tailored to you as an individual we can help with specific goals like weight loss or stress relief.

Client receiving advice from a mobile personal trainer

Full Attention of a Mobile Personal Trainer

Because mobile personal trainers help clients in their home or offce, there are no other members of staff or gym members to interrupt your session!

Our clients receive the full attention of the trainer, meaning their time together is much more effective.

Further to this, we provide support outside of sessions.: advising on diet, exercise and technique when they need our help.

PGPT provide the complete fitness package.

Complimentary consultation from PGPT

We provide new clients with a complimentary mobile personal trainer consultation.