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Peter Gaffney

Peter Gaffney has been working in the fitness industry since 2001. Originally from Brisbane, Australia, Peter was a professional footballer before studying Sports Science and then moving to the UK. Once based in London he worked for two large fitness chains, and trained over 300 instructors to be Personal Trainers.

Favourite Movie:
The Departed
Favourite Food:
Steak and Chips.

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Nikki Lan

For Nikki health and fitness isn’t just a job, it’s a passion and part of her everyday life. With a keen interest in pre and post-natal training Nikki is always looking for new ideas, articles and studies to broaden her already vast knowledge of the subject.

Whether you’re looking to stay active and strong during pregnancy, tone up, or lose weight, Nikki has the tools and dedication you need to achieve your goals.

Favourite Movie:
The Green Mile
Favourite Food:

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Joe Paris

Having grown up competing as a boxer, Joe knows what it takes to get you fighting fit. Combining boxing pad work, with weight training and tough circuits, Joe will make sure you burn fat, strengthen muscles, improve fitness and boost confidence. You can expect Joe to focus on your nutrition as well. Because without that you’ve only won half of the fight.

Favourite Movie:
Favourite Food:
Jerk Chicken