Peter Gaffney

Peter Gaffney has been working in the fitness industry since 2001. Originally from Brisbane, Australia, Peter was a professional footballer before studying Sports Science and then moving to the UK. Once based in London he worked for two large fitness chains, and trained over 300 instructors to be Personal Trainers.

Favourite Movie:
The Departed
Favourite Food:
Steak and Chips.

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Joe Paris

Having grown up competing as a boxer, Joe knows what it takes to get you fighting fit. Combining boxing pad work, with weight training and tough circuits, Joe will make sure you burn fat, strengthen muscles, improve fitness and boost confidence. You can expect Joe to focus on your nutrition as well. Because without that you’ve only won half of the fight.

Favourite Movie:
Favourite Food:
Jerk Chicken

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Yudi Morris

Everyone wants to be a high performer, whether that be at work or your chosen sport, hobby or even at home. Yudi is a qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach, PT & Sports Massage Therapist who has worked in a high performance basketball & football environments where development, performing & winning is everything. From nutrition, mindset, movement and your recovery, these all impact the quality of how you perform on a daily basis, with the right behaviours and habits Yudi will help you achieve your full potential to reach your goals and achieve high performance.

Favourite Movie:
Lord of the Rings
Favourite Food:
Spaghetti Bolognese

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Phil Jones

Phil gained his personal training diploma in 2006. This proved to be a springboard for a Kaizen approach to both mental and physical development in the field of health and fitness. Studies and training have taken him all over the world and his work experience in fitness is vast. He constantly strives to push new limits and get better at everything he does. Having competed in sports as varied as Athletics, Kettlebell Sport, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it was an evolutionary process that lead him to Crossfit. Crossfit’s very definition (constantly varied functional movement) ensures that his sessions are interesting and highly effective.

Fave Film:
Dumb & Dumber
Fave Food:
Rib eye, then some Ice Cream (once in while obviously!)

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Toby Harper

Having spent a lot of his youth playing a variety of sports, it was only natural that Toby’s career followed along the fitness lines. After qualifying as a personal trainer, he has spent his time working in commercial gyms and private studios with a wide variety of clients. Helping everyone to achieve their goal, no matter what injuries or circumstances might be holding them back, has always been his main aim.

Favourite Movie:
Pulp Fiction
Favourite Food:
Burgers or Pizza (as a special treat!)

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Lauren Yates

Lauren’s passion for fitness started from her background as a competitive swimmer, to which she competed at a national level. She has an in-depth understanding of the nutritional, physical and psychological factors that help you to achieve your goals. Her sporting background also promoted creative bodyweight and circuit training to improve strength, power and speed , experience that she applies to her training sessions. Qualified for 3.5 years, she has succeeded in helping clients achieve ambitious transformational and life changing goals. 

Favourite Movie:
Rambo first blood
Favourite Food:
Jack Daniel’s chicken strips 

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