The Benefits of a Personal Trainer for Ladies

How could a ladies personal trainer from PGPT be beneficial for you? So many women invest their time and money in sports clubs, gyms and exercise classes that they don’t enjoy and struggle to make progress in. For many ladies, personal training can be an invaluable service when it comes to not only achieving your targets in fitness, but also enjoying it. Let’s discuss why we here at PGPT, providers of premier mobile personal training in London, think that more and more ladies could benefit from having their own personal trainer:

Training that’s Personal to YOU!

  • Not everyone responds the same way to certain exercises or diet plans.
  • Social and societal pressures may set unrealistic expectations and ideals for many women.

A ladies personal trainer offers the chance to experience exercise and dietary plans that are not only achievable but, most importantly, tailored to your own unique body. Many diets and exercise programmes set unrealistic targets when it comes to fitness, strength and figure. The real benefit of having a ladies personal trainer is that your programme will be designed specifically around your base ability and physique, setting realistic goals that are straightforward and fun to work towards. See how PGPT have helped to motivate and provide effective training programmes to our past clients

“Working with PGPT has helped me achieve the weight and fitness goals that have been such a struggle in the past. They’ve helped me revolutionise my eating habits, lose 33 pounds, get fitter & more toned and feel more energetic, happy and confident.”

Support When You Need it the Most

  • Gyms and workout classes can be fun for some, but intimidating and impersonal for others.
  • Stresses of work and even home life can lead to feeling down and unmotivated to exercise.

Working out alone or even as part of a busy class or club can seem daunting for some, so it helps to have your own personal guide who will listen and provide support. A ladies personal trainer provides 1-on1 coaching, encouragement, accountability and motivation for when the going gets tough. PGPT’s mobile personal trainers are qualified and experienced in more than just coaching, acting as your nutritionist, mentor, motivator and friend to help you along your fitness journey.

ladies personal trainer

A Safe Space and Expert Advice

  • Women are often prone to injuries caused by sport, more so than men.
  • When starting exercise after a long absence, injuries are often a risk without correct technique and progression of intensity.

Various studies over the years have shown that women are more prone than men to injuries resulting from sport and exercise. Whether you’re an athlete who trains regularly in a sport or someone new to exercise, having a ladies personal trainer that can provide a safe exercise programme and technical supervision is a vital resource when it comes to preventing and recovering from injury. Qualified personal trainers are able to impart their knowledge on correct technique and form for your workouts, or even help in rehabilitating an existing injury. See how PGPT’s sports rehabilitation training could benefit you.

“The sessions are challenging but always geared to what I can cope with. Pete and his team offer great advice on exercise technique, posture and diet and I am most definitely in better shape than I was 2 years ago!”

Pre and Post-Natal Fitness

  • Exercise while pregnant is a good way to keep your mood and energy up.
  • Many women don’t know what kinds of exercise are safe for the baby.
  • Post-natal exercise helps shed excess baby-weight and keep mood up.

When pregnant, it’s important to keep your body healthy and safe in the lead up to the big day. A ladies’ personal trainer can help both during and after this time by teaching you about the safest movements, helping you feel confident that you can still do enough exercise, advising you on dietary requirements and helping to dispel common misconceptions. Find out about the pre and post-natal fitness services offered by the trainers at PGPT.  Don’t forget to check out our other posts for even more fitness advice!

Ladies Personal Trainer From PGPT

Whether as a coach, nutritionist, mentor or even just a friend, a ladies personal trainer can provide a service that is adapted to suit your requirements. PGPT provides bespoke, mobile personal training that is second to none. If you’re looking for a ladies personal trainer to help you take your health and fitness up a gear, recover from injury or get motivated to start regular exercise, get in touch with us today.