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Being pregnant is a hugely important time and it’s important to keep your body healthy and safe in the lead up to the big day. Exercising while pregnant may seem like a bad idea to some, or even impossible for others. However, there are many ways you can use exercise to stay fit and healthy both during and after pregnancy, which is a great benefit for your body, your baby and your mental wellness. PGPT offer both Pre and Postnatal Fitness programmes, where our personal trainers can help guide you through each trimester with simple and effective exercise, as well as providing dietary plans and advice to keep you feeling healthy, happy and confident.

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“I have been training with the PGPT since September 2013. The sessions are challenging but always geared to what I can cope with. Pete and his team offer great advice on exercise technique, posture and diet and I am most definitely in better shape than I was 2 years ago!” Eleanor Mansfield
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Why Do Pre-Natal Exercise?

For anyone who exercises regularly, becoming pregnant may seem like the end of your fitness routine for a while. However, it is still possible to keep doing exercise while pregnant and in fact, it can lead to feeling more alert and stronger during the later months. While still possible on your own, it does help to have someone to give advice on your exercise during what is a hugely important time for your body, which is why having a personal trainer becomes almost essential.

You could be unsure of what exercises are appropriate at each stage of pregnancy, nervous about exerting yourself or worried about hurting yourself or the baby. By training with PGPT, our personal trainers can help guide you through each trimester with an effective and suitable exercise, as well as giving you a diet plan that will keep you eating well throughout.

We can help you during pregnancy by:

  • Teaching you about which movements are safe and which should be avoided.
  • Helping you feel confident that you can still do enough exercise to sweat, push yourself and burn calories.
  • Advise you on dietary requirements and help to dispel common misconceptions.

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What Does Postnatal Fitness Involve?

Two difficulties often faced after having a baby are both being able to lose the weight gained during pregnancy and deal with feelings of postpartum anxiety and depression. Both of these can be dealt with through exercise. Firstly, exercise helps to burn fat and regulates your metabolism, so you can return to feeling and looking as you did pre-pregnancy.

Secondly, the stimulants and hormones released in your body through exercise are an easy and effective way to keep your energy levels up and stave off feelings of anxiety and depression.

However, finding the time, availability and motivation to begin exercising after pregnancy is often the hardest part of the whole process. By having a personal trainer to take you through a post-natal fitness programme, you gain someone who is able to schedule your exercise in an effective and suitable manner. PGPT’s mobile personal trainers have both a passion for and experience in post-natal fitness. They will be able to motivate you through a programme of exercise that is tailored to your ability and availability, while also allowing you to make steady gains towards losing weight, or simply keep your energy levels and enthusiasm up.

“The PGPT trainers helped me shed those unwanted pounds after my first baby. Now I’m full of energy and feeling great.”

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