How to Hire a Personal Trainer

Have you ever thought about how to hire a personal trainer but don’t know where to start? Although it seems like a straightforward act of picking up the phone and booking a meeting with them, there are a few things to be considered beforehand that will make the commitment to your new trainer and fitness programme more worthwhile and suitable for you. Here are the 5 steps you should take to hire a personal trainer:

1. Decide what you need from a personal trainer

Do you need help with losing weight, cutting fat or putting on muscle? Are you looking to get fitter for your wellbeing or in preparation for a sporting event? Whatever the reason, make sure you look into what each personal trainer can offer in terms of programmes. This is the very first thing you need to consider when thinking about how to hire a personal trainer. Knowing that a personal trainer offers services that you need or want to help improve your health is vital when making a choice. See the kinds of services we are able to offer at PGPT, and how our programmes are tailor-made for each client. This is one of the first things you need to consider when thinking about how to hire a personal trainer.

2. Look at their stories of success

A good gauge for the effectiveness of personal trainer is in their results from past clients. Obviously, everyone will achieve different results in different timescales, but knowing how to hire a personal trainer based on the kinds of results their clients achieve is still important. Does the programme guarantee fat loss in a few weeks? Do they show and promote the physical changes their clients have made? Reading testimonials can also help to elaborate on exactly what is offered and give you an idea if the trainer’s programmes are suitable for you. See the results that past clients have achieved by training with PGPT and how our programmes led to their success. 

3. Look at their location and availability

It’s good to know before hiring a personal trainer what availability you have for sessions, as well as where the trainer is based. A lot of personal trainers operate out of gyms or health clubs, so knowing if you’re able to attend sessions in their place of work is vital. Choosing a mobile personal trainer offers the additional benefit of them being able to visit you wherever is suitable when you start training with them. PGPT are London’s premier Mobile Personal Trainers, and we can run sessions anywhere and anytime that suits your availability, from one of the many parks around London to the comfort of your own home.

4. Book your consultation

Most personal trainers will offer a free consultation to see if their service is right for you. So, once you’ve found a trainer that looks like a good fit, that’s the time to get in touch and book your initial consultation. This will allow you and the trainer to have a chat and discuss what you want out of their service, as well as the benefits of training with their company. As the premier provider of mobile personal training in London, PGPT offer a flexible approach and can conduction your consultation at a time and please that suits you!

5. Prepare and discuss your goals

A good step to take is to prepare your goals and targets beforehand, so it’s easier to communicate them to the trainer during your consultation. You will know how to hire a personal trainer if the services, benefits and company beliefs they discuss in the consultation match up with your own goals and aspirations. Once the consultation is underway, you’ll know if the trainer is right for you and hopefully begin planning your first session!

How To Hire a Personal Trainer?

So now you know how to hire a personal trainer! We hope this made the process clearer, because even though having a trainer is a great way of effectively achieving fitness and health goals, it can still be a big commitment. It helps then to come prepared to your initial consultation, knowing that the trainer is right for what you want to work towards, has quantifiable success, suits your availability and is able to help you in your specific aspirations. Check out our other posts for even more advice on how to get the most out of your training!

If the services we offer at PGPT seem like the right fit for you, why not book a consultation today?