There are many factors that can hinder someone who wants to improve their health. Whether it’s a lack of time, low motivation or bad habits, there are barriers that can be difficult to overcome when setting out on your fitness journey. For all of these concerns however, a Private Personal Trainer from PGPT can help.

Hiring a private personal trainer is all about going on a journey, transforming your body and staying motivated. It’s about finding the support of someone who understands your goals and what you want to achieve. It’s about hard work and dedication. If you’ve spent your life so far investing time, energy and money into your career, then now it’s time to do the same for your own health.

At PGPT, we believe that the greatest investment that anyone can make in life is in their own health and fitness. Think of how much happier, productive and active you could be with more energy resulting from a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise. With the expertise, coaching and dedication of the trainers at PGPT, you can be confident that your investment in private personal training will pay off.

The only secret to getting results is commitment and determination to put the work in. There is no shortcut and no magic pill that will solve all of your problems. If you follow the scientifically-backed programme set out for you by PGPT, then your body will respond positively and you’ll see the results you desire beginning to taking shape. You’ll feel stronger, you’ll feel fitter and you’ll feel more confident in your appearance and your ability to change your life.

The real unique benefit of PGPT is that we are a mobile personal training company that come to you. There are no extra membership fees, no queues for equipment and no need to work out with an audience; so no more excuses to avoid exercise. Find a time that is convenient for you and we will run your session wherever is most suitable; in your office, at home or in a local park; the choice is yours.

Our personal training team of fitness experts cover areas all across North-West London and beyond, including Chelsea, Kensington and St John’s Wood. All of our trainers are well qualified, friendly and professional, and we have 11 years of experience working with people of all backgrounds and fitness levels. We are happy to run 1:1 sessions, but can also run joint sessions with you and a friend. All you need to do is get in touch and arrange your complimentary consultation to understand why we are the right choice for you.

Here are the 6 Secrets to the Success of our personal training programmes:

Our 6 secrets to success

We're confident that you'll succeed with your fitness goals because all PGPT programmes include each of the following components.


The foundation of all health and fitness


To make sure your body gets everything it needs

Resistance Training

Increase lean muscle mass and metabolism

Cardiovascular Exercise

Optimise Fat Burning


To prevent injury and promote recovery


To provide knowledge, support and accountability

The Benefits of a Private Personal Trainer from PGPT
As well as our successful, expertly-designed programmes, there are many other reasons to train with PGPT:

  • We’ll regularly change-up your workouts to ensure you reach your goals.

  • Our sessions will suit your current fitness level.

  • Each workout is tailored to you, keeping them interesting.

  • We can provide you with a challenge on days you really want to be pushed.

  • You’ll have someone to be accountable to for your fitness and health.

  • We can provide a private personal trainer programme for specific illnesses, injuries or conditions – like muscle issues or arthritis.

  • We can help you train for events like marathons.

  • We can run training sessions in the comfort of your own home.

Register for your complimentary consultation to find out why a mobile personal trainer is the perfect option for busy professionals looking to invest in their health and fitness:

“PGPT not only changed my weight and my fitness levels, they changed my outlook and drive in life.”
– Philip, CEO

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