How to Fit in Exercise with a Busy Schedule

Working in any job can make it difficult to find time during the day to fit in regular exercise. Here are 4 easy steps you can follow if you have ever wondered how to fit in exercise with a busy schedule:

1: Plan Ahead

As the saying goes, failure to plan is a plan to fail. In most jobs, you would have a diary, journal or schedule where you keep track of meetings, deadlines and important dates. So why should your exercise be any different? Take the time to sit down and assess your week, month or year. See where in your daily routine you can arrange time to exercise, making sure to keep up regular sessions so that your fitness stays consistent or even grows over time. A personal trainer can be a great asset to helping plan your exercise when you lack the motivation, time or confidence. Read about how the trainers at PGPT help to provide structured and detailed training programmes that help fit in exercise with a busy schedule.

2: Make use of Mornings

Most of us spend our mornings getting an extra 20 minutes in bed, going through our routines with just enough time to make it to work for 9am. However, getting to bed early at night and rising an hour or so earlier than you’re used to can mean that you then make free time in the mornings to exercise before work. Not only is this a great use of time and an excellent way to answer how to fit in exercise with a busy schedule, but exerting yourself in the morning will make you feel energised and alert for the day to come. Our mobile personal trainers can run sessions in one of London’s many parks; perfect for morning training! Find out more about where we operate.

3: Choose the Right Exercise

With tight availability in your schedule for exercise, the benefits of short, intense sessions cannot be underestimated. If you’re struggling to train regularly, high-intensity exercise done infrequently can still be incredibly beneficial for your health and fitness. Not only that, but these kinds of training sessions are often very quick to do, so they’re perfect for people who are pushed for time. PGPT develop unique training programmes for each client with sessions that work with their availability. See how we can incorporate quick, high-intensity exercise sessions into your daily routine.

4: Change your Commute

A survey taken in 2015 revealed that people working in London spend an entire week in hours’ worth of commuting every year. Think of all that wasted time and potential for exercise! A great way to fit exercise into a busy schedule could be to use your daily commute as the exercise itself; walking, cycling or even running to the office every day. This can not only cut out time spent waiting on public transport, but also means you’ve already done your training by the time you sit in front of your desk.

how to fit in exercise with a busy schedule

How to fit in exercise with a busy schedule? With PGPT!

PGPT’s team of qualified, friendly personal trainers has been working with busy Londoners since 2007. They understand the daily stresses and time constraints experienced by so many people in high-pressure jobs, as well as the difficulties of their commutes. That’s why PGPT specialise in mobile personal training that is designed to be as convenient for each client as possible. They coach good daily habits, exercises and workout routines that can be done quickly, effectively and even in the comfort of the client’s own home. This ensures that even those with the busiest schedules can still find time to fit in exercise for the betterment of their health. For bespoke personal training, look no further than PGPT.

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