Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting but nerve-wracking experience. As your life and body changes, it can sometimes be hard to feel like yourself, and often exercise is the last thing on your mind. However, there are numerous benefits of exercising during pregnancy, and with the help of a personal fitness trainer at home, it couldn’t be easier for you.

Reduce Your Risk of Complications

During your pregnancy, it is important to consider the potential complications which may arise during your pregnancy. It is also important that you take the necessary steps to avoid these complications. Regular exercise (around 4 times a week) can reduce your chances of developing gestational diabetes.

As well as reduced risks during your pregnancy, exercising during your pregnancy can reduce the risk of complications during delivery. Regular exercise can reduce your chance of having an unplanned caesarean section. Furthermore, you are less likely to give birth to a macrosomic baby (a baby which weighs more than nine pounds at birth). Babies can become macrosomic when you gain weight during your pregnancy, however, regular exercise will mean that you gain less weight during your pregnancy.

A little bit of regular exercise throughout your pregnancy can be hugely beneficial to you and your baby, and with a personal fitness trainer at home you can work out at a time and place that suits you! For more tips check out our last post.

Pre and Post Natal Exercise - personal fitness trainer at home

Pre and Post Natal Exercise – Personal Trainer

Speedy recovery

By increasing your fitness during pregnancy, you will recover much faster following the birth of your baby. Regular exercise throughout your pregnancy will help you to recover physically from labour much faster than you would if you were to not exercise during pregnancy.

Boost Your Mood

During your pregnancy, you are much more likely to experience depression and anxiety. With one in two women faced with anxiety and depression during pregnancy, a mood boost can be hugely beneficial. It has been found that exercise is great for boosting your mood during pregnancy, helping to reduce your chances of facing depression.

Ease Back and Pelvic Pain

It is no secret that as your baby bump grows, your lower back and pelvic pain grows with it. This pain can be incredibly uncomfortable and the increased pressure on your body can be painful. Fortunately, regular exercise will help to reduce this pain, furthermore, a personal trainer will find the right routine to suit your changing body to ensure that you make the most of exercising during your pregnancy.


Sleep is a complex matter when it comes to pregnancy. During the first trimester you may have very low levels of tiredness, while you become incredibly tired as your pregnancy develops. However, exercise can also make it much harder to fall asleep, fortunately, regular exercise can help you fall asleep at night while also improving the quality of your sleep.

Personal Fitness Trainer at Home During Pregnancy

With a mobile personal trainer from PGPT, you can exercise effectively throughout your pregnancy. We will help find a routine to suit your needs to ensure that you can reap the benefits of exercising throughout your pregnancy and beyond. If you are interested in finding out more about our pre and post natal services, then get in touch. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.