5 Reasons You Should Encourage Fitness in the Workplace

Are you looking to increase your employees’ motivation, interest and productivity? Then it is time that you promote fitness within your work place. At PGPT, we understand the importance of fitness and the impact it can have on both you and your employees, so why not shake things up and encourage fitness with a fun and exciting corporate boot camp? Or, why not encourage your employees to find  mobile personal training in London? A personal fitness trainer can help you and your staff get fit and improve your well-being in no time at all. According to the NHS, you should do at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day if you work a 9-5 office lifestyle, so it is about time that you promote fitness within your workplace.

PGPT are excellent trainers. They have totally turned round my fitness levels and diet and enabled me to lose weight in a structured fashion as well as dramatically improving my fitness levels.” – Adam Cannon, Legal Director.

Reduce Absenteeism

One of the major benefits of promoting fitness within your work place is reduced absenteeism. Regular exercise is a great way to keep people healthy and less susceptible to common illnesses, therefor reducing absenteeism at work. This can be hugely beneficial for your business, saving you both time and money which is often lost to absenteeism.

Reduced Stress

As well as reducing your employees’ susceptibility to common illnesses, exercise is a great stress relief. This can be hugely beneficial to those who work 9-5 office jobs, as it provides them with an escape and release from the office. Exercise also enhances your mood by releasing feel-good hormones, helping to increase job satisfaction!

personal fitness trainer working out with a client.

Reduce stress with the help of a personal fitness trainer

Increased Brain Power

While regular exercise is great for your health and well-being, keeping fit can also increase your brain power. It has been found that exercise can enhance your memory, ability to multi task and problem solving.

Improved Sleep

Sleep is a wonderful thing, and it is the key to living a happier, healthier and more productive life. While regular exercise improves your general health, it can also help you sleep better. In particular, exercise is a great way to create consistency and stability in your sleep pattern, making Monday mornings a whole lot easier!

Increased Motivation

As you can see, regular exercise has excellent benefits for your health and well-being and all these health improvements will affect motivation levels. You will soon see your employees benefiting from increased energy levels leading to a boost in motivation. Regular exercise can also boost your overall mood, increasing productivity and motivation within the work place.

PGPT Personal Fitness Trainer

Are you looking to reap the benefits of regular exercise? A personal fitness trainer from PGPT can help you and your employees get fit at a time and a place to suit even the busiest of schedules. From working out at home to in the office during lunch, we will find a time and place to suit any schedule. Get in touch to find out what a personal fitness trainer can do for you.