Tips for Eating Less When Eating with Family and Friends

It comes as no real surprise that many of us eat a lot more when we eat out with our family and friends. We lose track of time, get caught up in the conversation, and before you know it you have eaten a starter, main and dessert (and lets not forget the wine and beer!). With the help of personal trainers in London from PGPT, you can achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

How Does Eating Out Impact Our Body?

Regularly eating out with our family and friends can have a surprising impact on your weight loss goals. From over indulging in alcohol to eating almost twice as much as we would at home, regularly eating out can be detrimental to our weight loss goals. Thankfully, with these easy tips, you can enjoy eating out with family and friends, without feeling guilty.

Slow Down

When eating out with our loved ones, it is easy to eat much more than we would at home. While dining out, we tend to eat for longer than we would at home, indulging in a starter, a main course and a dessert. Quite often, others set the pace for eating when we are out, so a great rule to follow is eat at the pace of the slowest eater. Chances are, when out, you will keep eating until the last person has stopped eating, so if you are the last one eating, you will finish when you are full, and not until everyone has finished.

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Starter, Dessert and Drink

It can be incredibly tempting to go for a starter, dessert and drinks while you are out for dinner, but a great tip is to choose only two. Although this may be easier said than done, by cutting out one of the three, regularly eating out will have less of an impact on your weight loss goals. For more tips on how you can reach your weight loss goals check out our last post.

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