Making Time for Exercise: Client Case Study

Paul approached PGPT with the hopes of fitting exercise into his busy routine for the first time in years. 5 months later, not only has he made personal training a crucial part of his weekly routine, he’s also achieved some impressive results.

As a senior director of an international Fortune 500 company, Paul, 47, faces a high-pressure work environment every day. Not only this, but his work hours and daily commute leave very little time to stop and catch his breath. Every weekday, Paul takes a 6:30am train from his home in Surrey to his office in Central London, finishes about 6:30pm and returns home by 8pm. It’s because of this that he began looking for a way to make the time for exercise, realising this would give him energy, focus and relieve the stresses of his job.

When Paul got in touch with PGPT, we took the time to discuss his work routine and figure out when it would be best for us to arrange regular training sessions. Being a mobile personal training company, we were able to visit Paul at his place of work during times that were convenient for him to train. So, we began training Paul 3 times per week at 5pm in his office, letting him incorporate the training sessions as part of his daily work schedule.

PGPT Personal Training Case Study - Before and After

This routine has paid off, as 5 months into his programme, Paul has dropped 11kg in body weight, 10cm from his stomach, and 6cm from his chest and now feels fitter, healthier and more productive than he has for years.

We recently sat down with Paul to ask a few questions about how he has found the mobile personal training with PGPT so far. This is what he had to say:

How did you discover PGPT?

“Via a colleague who suggested on a company trip that I might benefit from meeting Pete Gaffney… (He’s quite blunt!) He was right however and it’s been a game-changer.”

You are a busy Londoner, so how have you found the experience of PGPT visiting the office?

“All my excuses about lack of time and ‘I’m too busy’ have gone out the window – the experience of knowing one of the trainers is on your doorstep and is waiting for you is very compelling!”

What would you say to others who are nervous about starting mobile personal training?

“The adage that ‘the first steps are the hardest’ is absolutely true!  Whilst it may seem a daunting prospect, the PGPT team have an amazing ability to coach and support you through the first steps and getting fit again really brings so many benefits.”

How do you feel now, 5 months into the programme?

“Honestly great, more energy, more focus, better attitude and home and work life hugely improved – getting back into clothes that have been in the wardrobe for 5 years is also awesome!”

What are the 3 biggest lessons PGPT has taught you over your journey so far?

“1: Awareness / understanding of what I’m eating and how this will impact my weight.

2: I generally feel 10 years younger than my actual age as a result of increased energy and fitness levels.

3: Take care of yourself – your body is amazing if you look after it, fuel it correctly, and get proper sleep and even when you think it’s not possible to turn your physical condition around, you will be pleasantly surprised that you can.”

Since losing weight and increasing in energy, how have you found this has impacted your working day?

“Times are tough for everyone right now, but instead of feeling negatively about day-to-day market conditions, I am proactively finding ways to create opportunities and new business. This in my opinion is a direct result of more metal sharpness, now that I am in better shape.”

Paul continues to be an inspiration to all of our trainers due to his commitment and determination to keep up his fitness, even with a jam-packed work schedule. He hopes to drop a further 6kg of bodyweight by the end of his mobile personal training programme, and with his progress and attitude so far, we’ve no doubt that he’ll reach that goal.

If you’d like to find out how PGPT’s mobile personal training could help you make time for exercise as part of your daily routine, get in touch with us today to discuss your circumstances and training goals.