Where to Find a Personal Trainer

Many people who are new to or inexperienced in health and fitness may be unsure of where to find a personal trainer and how to go about choosing the right one. The answer is that personal trainers operate from and in a variety of places depending on the services and type of training they offer. So, let’s discuss the different kinds of places where they can be based, including gyms, health clubs or on-the-move as a mobile personal trainer:

Gym-Based Personal Trainer

Most personal trainers will be based in a gym or health club, and can be contacted through their own personal website or social media page, or through the gym itself. While a gym-based personal trainer is an option that may suit those who are already gym members, those who don’t enjoy gyms, find them intimidating environments or don’t live nearby will find it difficult to work with a personal trainer based in gym. For those who want the same level of coaching, encouragement and programme planning, but without having to either join or use a gym, a mobile personal trainer is the best option.

Outdoor Personal Trainer

Some personal trainers operate on-the-move, meaning they have no set location where they run sessions or consultations for clients. Mobile personal trainers like these can be found and contacted online, and often meet their new or prospective clients in an easily-accessible public place (such as a local coffee shop) or at their home to discuss progress, plan ahead or provide consultations. A mobile personal trainer like us will often run sessions in open public spaces like a park. A lot of personal trainers take a holistic approach to exercise, meaning there isn’t a lot of equipment or machinery involved in their fitness routines. This is especially true of mobile personal trainers like PGPT, who provide simple and effective workouts that can be performed anywhere, both outdoors and indoors.

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Where to Find a Personal Trainer

Indoors or Outdoors – our trainers come to you!

At-Home Personal Trainer

Choosing to work with a mobile personal trainer opens up the possibility of doing sessions in your own home. Mobile personal trainers specialise in creating simple workout routines that can be performed in small settings, such as your home gym, garage, living room or garden. Additionally, they can be flexible enough to come to your home at a time that suits you, which means you can do a workout session before or after work without having to travel to a gym or health club. This is a convenient option for those who struggle to find motivation to leave the house once they’re finished their work day. Having an at-home personal trainer means that you’ll get all the same effective coaching and motivation, but within the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.

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Where to Find a Personal Trainer in London

If mobile personal training in London sounds like the right option for you, then you’re already in the right place! Get in touch with PGPT today to find out about our diet and exercise programmes and how we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. For bespoke personal training, look no further than PGPT.