Are Your Excuses Killing You?

“You can have results or excuses. Not both.”


Are you a business owner or in a senior position of responsibility within your company?

Imagine your people kept giving you excuses as to why they couldn’t complete the tasks they had been delegated? IN FACT, let’s be honest – you don’t need to imagine. This must have happened… How did you react?

You’ve had success in business or your career because you’ve not accepted your internal excuses and have always found a way! So when an employee provides you with an excuse, you likely supported and directed them, giving 5 or 6 different ways they could achieve their task; ‘time block…’, ‘prioritise…’, ‘ask for help!’.

However, maybe you just didn’t accept the excuse and told them to pull their finger out and ‘JUST GET IT DONE.’

Excuses are dangerous. An excuse in one area of your life can leach into another.

So what do you do: make excuses? Or do you GET IT DONE?

What excuses are stopping you exercising?

Let’s very quickly look at some of these one by one and see if you recognise them:

1. I have no time.

Really…? But you have time to take on another important task at work don’t you?

I get it, I’m also a busy Londoner; I own a business and work 14h days; I have 3 kids and community commitments. However, I also know that if I didn’t have my health then I couldn’t keep up this lifestyle. If I didn’t have the energy I have then I’d be working like a zombie and making poor decisions.

Think of the ideas you give your employees when they ‘have no time’; prioritise, time block or ask for help. PGPT offer MOBILE personal training where we go to our client’s homes or offices – so there are options out there for you. We predominantly deal with business owners and executives that are benefiting from the decision the decision they made.

2. I’m way too tired after work to exercise…

This is exactly why you should be exercising and eating a suitable diet; it gives you energy.

Imagine you had double the energy you currently have… In fact, let’s be conservative – let’s say 25% more energy. Think of the motivation this would provide you across your life; whether it’s spending time with family, continuing to train, or making decisions in business. Imagine this 25% extra energy was enough to be 25% more productive through the day, which helped grow your bottom line.

Knowing this, would you get the ball rolling with a regular training programme?

3. Exercise is boring and I don’t enjoy it.

Ok, well training alone can be a little boring unless you’re really into it. So hire a trainer.

One of our main goals is to help our client’s enjoy and get as much out of their sessions as possible, because this keeps their motivations levels high and is the catalyst for results. Remember: consistency = results. You just have to ensure what you do consistently is a good habit and not bad.

Why not take on our current 3 month trial period and see how you feel by the end. You have shown determination in the past with business – all you need to commit to is one quarter.

You have 2 choices

There are 2 paths you can go down now:

1.You can continue grinding day to day, with no energy and a whole lot of coffee. Pretty soon you will start seeing deterioration in your health and physicality… Unless that’s already begun; Sore back? Digestion problems? High blood pressure?

If you continue on this path, things do not end well. Even if you manage to continue to grow your business or climb the career ladder, you will always wonder if you could have done more.

2. Take positive action. Hire a trainer and start implementing a positive routine that works alongside or within your business and work activities. It might be painful for a couple of weeks, but you know pain; you started a journey to success somewhere and I’m sure it wasn’t easy. In a few weeks’ time though it will become easier, you will begin to enjoy this new addition to your week, because you will start to see and feel results. You’ll need one less coffee per day and possibly one less notch on your belt buckle…

So… what’s it to be? It’s time to decide.

PGPT is opening spaces for 3 Month Trials starting in Quarter 1 of 2020.

With packages from £169/wk PGPT has transformed the lives of Senior Executives and Managers across London, ensuring they achieve their personal and business goals!

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