A Conversation with the Owner – Peter Gaffney Discusses Client Journeys

Last week we had a chance to sit down with the boss and ask some questions, as we look over the last 12 years of PGPT.

PGPT and Peter Gaffney have been training some of London’s busiest Executives and Business Owners since 2007 and found the solution to gaining results! Building an understanding of the lifestyle a Senior Executive working in the City, for example, and how to ensure time is made for health and training has literally changed the lives of these clients.

The development of this service and who it is aimed at was no accident however; Peter explained this in our chat last week, along with a few interesting facts about how he lives his own life… Enjoy!

Q. What is the most common reason people come to PGPT, and what is the most common complaint about their health & fitness?

“We have seen many reasons that have kick started client fitness journeys. However, the main reason people join the programme is because they just don’t like how they look and feel. Often they are stuck in a rut and are not quite sure how to break the cycle; the most common problem here is time. That’s why I made PGPT a mobile training service – to help these people specifically.”

That’s why I made PGPT a mobile training service – to help these people specifically

How have you developed PGPT in order to fit the lifestyle of busy London executives?

“I’ve made the programme very goal driven while ensuring the clients take on levels of accountability so that they are completed invested in the programme.  The focus for busy Londoners is always realistic, achievable actions so they see results. When someone starts seeing results, continuing is far easier.”

What are your own morning and evening routines?

“Mornings I generally wake up any time between 4.20am and 5am depending on what time my first client is. After washing my face and using bathroom I will always take a pint of water and a double espresso. I then sit downstairs in complete silence, almost in the form of meditation for 3-5mins before I hit the road and to my first client. I normally fast until around 11.30am then it’s always eggs with either smoked salmon or avocado. In the evenings I am normally home and eat dinner with the kids around 4.45pm then I go back to work for evening sessions from 5.30pm until 8.30pm. I always make sure I am in bed and lights out by 10.30pm to allow for my morning routine!”

What is the most dramatic turnaround you’ve seen in a client’s life, helped by health & fitness and training with PGPT?

“We have had quite a few, but some of the ones that stand out from a physical point of view is saving a client from having 2 knee replacements because he lost the weight. Quite a few clients we have helped control type 2 diabetes by getting their eating habits and exercise under control. From a mental performance point of view, we have helped clients manage depression and anxiety by giving them structure, focus and purpose on their health journeys.”

What is your message for any business owners or busy London Execs thinking of starting a fitness journey with PGPT?

“The mountain does not need to be so high. Often people think about starting for too long and it puts them off. Just start is my tip; Everything else then falls into place, and we’re here to make it work!”

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