Why You Should Choose At Home Personal Training

In today’s world of instant gratification from digital services and social media, regularly keeping fit and committing to exercise has become difficult for many. We all dream of our ideal level of health and fitness, but finding motivation can be very tough. Those in high-pressure jobs especially may find it difficult to keep up a routine that fits daily exercise around their work. Thankfully, working with a personal trainer from PGPT is a great way to exercise conveniently at home or a venue of choice, as well as providing extra motivation and expert advice. At home personal training has many benefits that can make achieving health and wellness goals easier and more enjoyable, while still providing effective results.

Flexibility & Convenience

The first main advantage to at home personal training is obvious: training at home. The convenience and flexibility afforded by this way of exercising means there is no need to take kit to work, traning can be arranged around a daily routine and time during the day is focused on working. During wetter, darker and colder months, finding motivation to go to the gym or go a run is hard for most. At home personal training means there is no risk being put off or limited by bad weather, while still getting quality coaching and advice. There is also always the option of changing venue during nice weather, such as training in a park.


When a personal trainer comes to you, that accountability means more embarrassment if you cancel at the last minute. You’ll be more likely to stay committed to your daily exercise and once in the routine, will have more motivation after a few sessions to continue in your own time without the trainer always being present. Plus, having a trainer is often more fun and rewarding than exercising at home yourself! Check out some of our clients body transformations to see how your dedication could pay off!


At Home Personal Training in a clients living room

At home personal training helps you make time for your fitness


By far the most unique benefit of at home personal training is comfort. A lot of people are put off the idea of gyms because they can be noisy and busy. Similarly, personal training studios can often seem like an intimidating environment that is difficult to get used to for some. At home personal training allows you to be relaxed in your surroundings (with access to your own shower, equipment and food & drink) while reaping the benefits of one-on-one coaching and encouragement. There is a level of comfort and privacy gained by this that is useful for starting a regular schedule of training, even if you’re not used to exercise or dislike certain parts of gym culture.

At Home Personal Training From PGPT

PGPT have been providing at home personal training for busy Londoners since 2007. We understand the time constraints experienced in high-pressure jobs that result in a lack of motivation, energy and commitment to exercise. This keeps people in a cycle of unfitness that we strive to break with our flexible and expertly-planned personal training service. We have a proven track record of success, with clients achieving their goals of dropping weight, getting fitter, toning and strengthening muscles and starting healthier diets. To find out how you could benefit from mobile personal training in London with PGPT, register for a free consultation today or get in touch.