What Do I REALLY Weigh…?

Is daily weight fluctuation throwing you off course and is this fluctuation normal?

In this article we’re going to look at what is causing your regular weight changes, when you shouldn’t worry and also how you can use daily weighing as a tool during your weight-loss journey.

Sometimes the reason for daily changes in your body weight can be very simple; over indulgence in a large meal or even a sweaty workout that can cause an initial increase or drop in weight. However, there are other less-obvious factors that you should be aware of, because knowing these will help you understand your own body and also reduce any disconcerting feelings when you have a goal to achieve.

Studies show that our bodies, depending on size, can fluctuate by as much as 7 pounds daily! ‘Why such a big swing’ I hear you ask…  Let’s look at the major causes:

Foods High in Sodium

Each of us has differing levels of sensitivity when it comes to sodium, but the point to note is that salty foods cause water retention. This extra water within us carries with it – weight, adding up to pounds on the scale.

Now this additional weight can be passed or sweated out; that’s why it’s a temporary fluctuation. However, it’s important to note where sodium is hiding… Places like cold cuts, frozen meals and even in savoury sauces. So simply keeping the salt shaker in the cupboard won’t remove the chances of retaining water through sodium intake.

Water the equivalent of 2 cups full can increase your weight by one pound.

Glorious Carbs

That ever so tasty bread, pasta and rice is not your friend when it comes to weight-loss. Some of you might think this is dieting 101, but here is the scientific reason:

For every gram of carbohydrate you consume, your body retains about three grams of water in order to store the fuel source.

Also, another little pain in the backside is that refined carbohydrates that are found in may pasta dishes, pizza etc. are also high in sodium; a double whammy.

A significant part of our bespoke programmes at PGPT is dietary education. So if you would like more information about food replacements or healthy quantities, contact us today.

Going to the Toilet…

We resisted making this point number 2… however you are likely to see weight fluctuations due to bowel movements.

A research study found that you might produce 125 to almost 170 grams of stool per day, but normal bowel movements alone won’t cause significant fluctuation. Even when you lose stool weight, your body is likely processing and digesting other food, which will have a balancing effect.

Weight Loss & GAIN from Exercise

But you’re exercising to lose weight… so how can it have the opposite effect!?

Don’t worry for the majority of cases (unless you are trying to bulk up, which is mainly down to diet) this is only temporary. You see, when performing any form of strength training it causes tiny tears in your muscles. In order to repair these your body uses water, which helps the muscle grow stronger.

On the flip side of the exercise argument, during an intense workout you can sweat out on average 700g to 1.2kg of fluid per hour. The key fact to remember is that 1kg of healthy muscle takes up a lot less space than 1kg of fat… we’ve all seen the picture.

Is self-weighing an effective tool for weight loss?

In a study by The International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity, one study examined self-weighing as a single strategy and there was no evidence it was effective.

However, fifteen trials comparing multi-component interventions such as accountability and exercise programmes that including self-weighing resulted in a significant mean difference!


I like to weigh myself daily, first thing when I wake up after the bathroom. This has helped me understand my body while I train and from a psychological point of view keeps me focused; it lets me know the days that it spikes (like for me Mondays are always highest post the Sabbath).

Like in business, facts and measurements are extremely helpful when trying to successfully implement a strategy; your body is no different. So exercise, eat well and keep a track of your daily weight with this new understanding. It’s the long term gains you need to focus on.

Remember, managing your weight and general fitness is key to your health, wellbeing and resilience. PGPT can create bespoke mobile training packages that fit your lifestlye in the most convenient way. So to find out more complete our simple consultation kick-off form here: Complimentary Consultation