Try PGPT’s Mobile Training for 28 Days in 2020

Over the next 2 months, you will likely site and reflect on the year past and begin planning for the year ahead;

What do you want to achieve in business?
Did you manage your goal in 2019?
Could you be happier… healthier?
How was your energy and focus through 2019?

Above all other goals, health must be at the top of the pile; without health we have nothing. However, what else could better health, more energy, reduced stress and better self-esteem bring to your annual goals or ‘resolutions’? In short, it can support the achievement of them all!

The knock-on effect we see in our client’s life by introducing better diet and regular exercise is remarkable. The additional energy and focus they feel allows for better productivity, decision making and motivation to achieve their goals. We have seen some pretty amazing business achievements as well as physical achievements…

So, how can you get involved?

PGPT is one of London’s most prestigious and popular personal training companies, and the premier mobile personal training company. 13 years ago we began working with time poor London Executives who’s success in business was to the detriment of their health and fitness. We found the key to turning their physical life around within the boundaries of their hectic lifestyle, and help them achieve a body and health that matches their career success!

Like many before you, would you like to feel better and gain back the fitness you may have lost? Your business depends on you. So for that reason, your body is your business.

As of December, we will be opening a limited number of 28 Day Trial places to those serious about reaping these rewards. This will allow you the opportunity to fully understand how we work and the incredible benefits of the programme we will put you through!

Remember: we come to you – so lack of time will not be an excuse!

During these 28 Days we will:

  1. Establish the goals you want, why you want them and how committed you are to achieving them.
  2. Assess your base-line body measurements and how you respond to nutrients with DNA testing.
  3. Implement your bespoke training programme designed to incorporate 3 mobile training sessions per week, as well as nutritional and lifestyle guidance. We may also include meditation and stress management tactics.
  4. Take action and build the new habits into your lifestyle. Overcome obstacles and stay committed to training.
  5. Repeat evaluation and update the programme. How well are you doing? What can you still improve?

If you would like to get one step ahead of the pack, request your complimentary consultation today here.

Alternatively, look out for the launch of this fantastic opportunity next week on our social media channels!