The Truth About Fizzy Drinks

We all know that fizzy drinks are bad for our health, but why are they bad for us and what effects do they have on the body? Some of the popular brands are zero calories…so what’s so bad? I am going to delve deeper and look at the effects that they have on our bodies and which brands are they worst culprits.
There have been many studies around fizzy drinks and the effects they have on our bodies. So, what is the truth about fizzy drinks? Here are just some of those results:

  • A study by Bangor University and published in the European Journal of Nutrition, reported that soft drinks actually alter metabolism, so that our muscles use sugar for energy instead of burning fat.
  • People who drank two cans of fizzy drinks a day were five times more likely to develop fatty liver disease, a precursor to cirrhosis and liver cancer – Journal of hepatology.
  • A study in the British Dental Journal found four cans of fizzy drink a day increased the risk of tooth erosion by 252 per cent.
  • A meta-analysis ran by Harvard University in 2010 found that those who drink 1 or more cans a day, have a 26% increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

The Truth About Fizzy Drinks and Which are the Worst?

Below is a list of some drinks and their sugar content

  • Brand Sugar Content per 100ml
  • Jamaican Ginger beer 15.7g
  • Pepsi Cola, 7 UP, Monster and Red Bull 11g
  • Coca Cola 10.8g
  • Lucozade original 8.7

What is better for me, coke or diet coke?

Here is a question raised a lot when talking about the topic of fizzy drinks. It can be confusing and at first glance the obvious answer would be that diet coke is a better option seeing as diet coke contains fewer calories and less sugar then standard Coca cola. However, Diet Coke has such low calories thanks to the magic of aspartame, an artificial sweetener that has been linked to various cancers and neurological problems.


The Bottom Line is both are bad for your health and fizzy drinks have no real beneficial qualities, but like anything, in moderation they shouldn’t be to harmful. However, when trying to lose weight and improve health and wellbeing I would recommend cutting fizzy drinks down to a minimum and opting for drinks that keep you hydrated such as water, herbal teas and natural fruit juices if you really need something sweet. The results will be better sleep quality, healthier teeth and gums, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, more stable moods and better energy levels.