Stuck in a Fitness Rut

I’m sure this blog post will resonate with most people that have either started an exercise programme to those that are of a veteran status when it comes to working out. Being stuck in a fitness rut is not an enjoyable place to be. In fact, yours truly in coming out of one at the moment. The good news, I’m on the assent and returning back to my energised, consistent, motivated self when it comes to my health, wellness and exercise.

Being stuck in a fitness rut can come from many variables. London is a city that never stops. The hustle and grind is relentless and with this style of lifestyle (especially when you are goal orientated) expect to see blimps and hiccups along the way. That’s life!! What gets you out of a rut is your purpose, and drive to succeed. Here are my 3 top tips to get out of a fitness rut.

Don’t let hindsight dominate

Time is such a wonderful tool. It allows us to reflect and acknowledge the difficult times in our lives. There is a catch though. Are you the type of person that gets stopped in your track and thrown off course when something rocks the boat? Its only with hindsight that we can reflect and acknowledge why we were tested and more importantly see the good or bad come out of a situation.

Next time you get thrown off course with your exercise programme because of life’s external factors (or not getting the results you thought you deserved in the gym) please try this before quitting. Ask questions! Challenge yourself to internalise the reason for the event. Have the strength no matter how much of a challenge to draw a definite line then move forward. Remember, if you’re committed to your fitness journey then no matter how big or small of a challenge that comes your way it won’t impact the final goal. Bottom line. Embrace regret and move on!

Write Down your Goals

This comes back to a topic I talk about regularly. Understanding your why. Why was it that you embarked on this fitness journey from day one? Was it your health? Was it for the sake of your family? Writing down your goals makes you more accountable (especially if you share the goals with family or friends) and keeps you deviating from the original path.

Visualise your Success

Any time I get stuck in a rut, (generally happens once a year for 3-4 weeks before I use the following tools) the first thing I do is visualisation. The mind is your most powerful tool. I visualise my success in family, business and health every day of the year! If you can’t see yourself achieving greatness, then you’ve already lost. Be specific with your visualisation. It may be when you close your eyes you can see yourself crossing the finish line of the Bupa 10km run or it may be wearing that suit you haven’t been able to fit into for years. Whatever it is that you visualise, be specific and use it to regain that hunger that you first had when you started your fitness journey.

For me it was very clear what this latest rut was about. I put my health way down the order and the rut then went into overdrive. Juggling a business and a young family were all things I needed to deal with. I used the tools of living in the moment and not using hindsight, writing down my goals and visualisation to help me beat my fitness rut. Now that I’ve done that I’ve got back to the reasons why I love to stay fit, healthy and strong. When this happens, results follow.

I hope you can use these tools to keep you on the winning path of success.

Good Luck