Make Morning Training Work for You

Most of us spend our mornings getting an extra 20 minutes in bed, going through our routines with just enough time to make it to work for 9am. This can often make several cups of coffee needed before feeling fully awake and alert, reducing productivity and causing a crash in energy by the afternoon. However, by spending the time to do a workout in the morning, either by yourself or with a personal trainer one on one,  you can set yourself up excellently for the work day ahead, as well as benefitting your overall health and energy levels.

“Why should I work out in the morning?”

Working in any job can make it difficult to find time during the day to fit in regular exercise, especially in a bustling city like London! Evenings are usually taken up with socialising, working late, picking up the family, making dinner or unwinding after a stressful day; not an ideal time to fit in decent exercise, let alone find the motivation to do so. This is when working out in the morning comes in especially handy. That extra 20-or-so minutes in the morning spent in bed could be used to complete a short home workout routine, personal trainer one on one or outdoor cardio session, meaning you’ve already exercised by the time you head out for work.

The burst of energy released through exercise is the perfect natural stimulant, lowering your reliance on caffeine and keeping you alert, productive and feeling fit throughout the day. Mornings are also often an optimal time to train, with lighter skies most of the year, quieter streets and parks, and more space in a busy household (if training early enough!). Looking for advice on how your work out can help you lose weight? Check out our last post here!

personal trainer one on one

“How do I go about it?”

The first step is definitely creating a routine. You can’t expect to start doing morning workouts without still making the time, making sure to get to bed early enough each night to feel rested and ready to start your workout early in the AM. The next step would then be to choose a type of exercise or workout that you can fit into the time you have. This can be anything from a short run to a quick home workout; the key is to make it achievable for your own time-keeping as well as motivation to continue in the future.

Depending on the workout, you’ll then want to create the appropriate space in your home or go outside to begin exercising. With the help of a personal trainer, one on one sessions can be planned that make the best use of your space at home or a local park. [PGPT-button label= ‘Read about how PGPT operate as a mobile personal trainer.’ url=’https://pgpt.co.uk/mobile-personal-trainer/’]

One advantage of working out in the mornings is that you can take a shower straight afterward, getting clean and ready for the day, followed by replenishing your spent energy with breakfast. Making the time to exercise before your daily routine is key to being able to work out and still be prepared for the day.

“Can a personal trainer help?”

With a personal trainer, one on one morning workouts become so much more achievable, enjoyable and effective. Personal trainers provide accountability that ensures the client doesn’t lose motivation and miss out sessions. Additionally, a personal trainer one on one is likely to be the most effective workout possible in the morning, with expert advice, guidance and coaching and even nutritional advice for a healthy, post-workout breakfast.[PGPT-button label=’See how PGPT incorporate quick, high-intensity exercise sessions into our clients’ mornings.’ url=’https://pgpt.co.uk/personal-training/’]


Personal Trainer One on One

PGPT’s team of qualified, friendly personal trainers has been working with busy Londoners since 2007. They understand the daily stresses and time constraints experienced by so many people in high-pressure jobs. As a mobile personal trainer, one on one coaching with PGPT is designed to be as convenient for each client as possible. Our trainers coach good daily habits, exercises and workout routines that can be done quickly, effectively and in the comfort of the client’s own home. This ensures that even those with the busiest schedules can still find time to fit in a morning workout for the betterment of their health.

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