Lose Weight with a Personal Trainer

Losing weight is one of the hardest things to do for many people. It requires discipline, independence from unhealthy foods and a commitment to regular exercise. There is no shortcut, but that shouldn’t mean that people should be expected to go it alone. Here are 4 reasons why hiring a personal trainer to lose weight is the best way to reach your target:

Learning to Exercise Effectively

It’s commonly known that exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight. The energy expended through physical exertion is what we need food for as fuel, after all! However, taking up exercise can have many pitfalls and risks to begin with, such as injury or illness. By hiring a personal trainer to lose weight, you then have someone to set out a carefully-considered programme of exercise with steady progression in mind. They can tailor your workout routine to suit your build, fitness and target weight, making sure to incorporate recovery time without taking it too easy on you. Losing weight is not a sprint; it’s a marathon, requiring a lot of patience, hard work and commitment. It helps then, having a personal trainer to help support and guide you along the way.

Planning Your Diet

Food is the bane of weight loss, plain and simple. It’s almost impossible to lose weight without feeling hungry, as burning more calories than you are consuming is the only way to begin shedding fat. This can be incredibly tough for many people, especially as exercise boosts your metabolism, making you even hungrier. However, by hiring a personal trainer to lose weight, you can have a diet plan that will be effective, achievable and enjoyable, taking the sting out of smaller portions with healthy and tasty food. A personal trainer also can help motivate and encourage you when the going gets tough, as the mental strain of dieting can be hard to overcome without help and support. While PGPT’s primary aim is to provide effective exercise programmes, we also help our clients take control of their nutrition for effective weight loss and a healthier diet.

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Creating Good Habits

While many people begin diet and exercise plans by themselves, there can be a tendency to slip up and fall out of a routine. Being accountable to a personal trainer is a good way to prevent procrastination or cutting corners. Additionally, hiring a personal trainer to lose weight means that you have someone else planning your exercise sessions and meal plan, which lets you get on with your daily routine with less stress and more structure. Personal trainers can coach good practices into you, such as getting better sleep and avoiding snacking; something that requires a lot of discipline and knowledge to do yourself. Having more guidance, support and motivation can ensure that you stay on track to your weight target through good habits and routine.

personal trainer to lose weight

Setting Achievable Targets

The journey to weight loss is mentally taxing for many people. Body image often goes hand-in-hand
with confidence, and the desire can then be for a quick, dramatic change to physique in order to restore self-worth and happiness. However, if this is not met, even after a lot of hard work, then the result is simply more disappointment for the individual. This is truly where having a personal trainer to lose weight becomes vital, as they can set out realistic, achievable targets. Incremental progress can be very reassuring when trying to reach an ideal weight, and the sense of achievement and satisfaction when that target is reached will feel all the better after effective planning and goal-setting from a personal trainer.

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How Can PGPT Help – Personal Trainer to Lose Weight

At PGPT, we specialise in providing comprehensive personal training programmes for busy Londoners looking to lose weight, change their mind-set and improve their quality of life. Our service also includes the option for a DNA test that determines your body’s unique reactions to different types of nutrition, meaning that your diet and exercise plan with us will be tailored towards what your body needs to stay healthy and effectively lose weight.

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