How do we gauge success in life?

41GXOotZxLL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Is it measured by financial success? Emotional success? Family success? Everyone looks at success through different lenses.  If we take the example of emotional success and we specifically look at happiness as a marker for success all would agree that if we aren’t fulfilled or content then we surely won’t be happy?

So how do we improve our quality of life or happiness and ultimately the level of success one can be truly satisfied with?

Surely time needs to be spent on your personal development? Unfortunately, if you’re a busy Londoner like myself we often prioritise everything else and we neglect our own personal development/growth.

I was at a conference 2 months ago listening to Jay Abrahams speak (the man behind Tony Robbins) and it was suggested that everyone needs to read the book “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod

If you’re thinking what I was thinking, which was “how can I fit something else into my day” then don’t stress. 6 minutes is all that’s required to your own “Miracle Morning” and ultimately your success.

So here’s a quick summary of the 6 minutes…..

Minute One….. SILENCE

Instead of waking up and running around from the first second like a crazy person imagine that you actually spend the first minute sitting in deliberate silence. Sit very calmly and focus on slow deep breathing. Focus on a calm mind and relaxed body.


You now pull out your daily affirmations and read them out from top to bottom. Focus on what’s important to you as your internal motivation increases.


Close your eyes and visualise what your goals look like when you achieve them. Visualise success throughout your working day. See yourself doing well and accomplishing what you set out to accomplish. (I always used visualisation techniques as a goalkeeper playing football. Constantly seeing myself save that shot or winning the game.)

Minute Four….. SCRIBING

Pull out your diary and take a minute to write down what you’re grateful for and what you’re proud of.

Minute Five…. READING

Pick up any self development book and spend one minute reading. Maybe you can learn a new idea to implement into your day? Use this to feel and be better.

Minute Six…. EXERCISE

Now stand up and spend 60 seconds doing some form of cardio. This could be star jumps, burpees, jogging on the spot etc. Just get moving.

And that’s it. Imagine how you would feel if that’s how your first 6 minutes looked?

This routine has made a massive difference in my life and I encourage all of you out there to implement this into yours. If not, at least go out and read the book.

Success in fitness, (and quality of life)