Healthy Leaders

What are healthy leaders?

Are you are leader in the workforce? A senior executive or even a CEO? If the answer is yes then you will know that employees look to you for guidance, motivation and inspiration on a daily basis. You have reached the top of your field because of a number of factors. It may have come through hard work and many years of “hustle” or it may have been about timing and being in the right place at the right time. However you achieved success you will know that it is a constant journey to stay number one and keep getting results for the staff and employees around you. So what are healthy leaders?

Did you realise that a lot of what you possess as a successful leader can be transferred to your weight loss and health? Think about that for a minute! Below are 3 attributes you possess as a successful leader and how you can add it to your health and wellness journey

Healthy leaders lead by example

As a senior executive or CEO your staff want to see you work harder, longer and smarter, than everyone else. This should also be consistent with your weight. Employees want to see their leader as someone who looks healthy, looks strong and acts driven. By focusing on your exercise and consistently sticking to a programme the fitness results will show and the respect of a healthy leader that your team will give you will be obvious. Nobody looks up to a leader that looks dishevelled or doesn’t look the part he or she is acting. People respect all levels of hard work (including fitness!)

Healthy leaders are accountable

You hold people in the workforce accountable all day. When you delegate as a leader you expect a certain level of service to get the job done correctly. Being accountable for your health is one of the single biggest gifts you can give yourself and the people who care about you. By lacking the accountability health standards will drop and results will, at best fluctuate from good to average. A top tip is if you struggle with accountability then take on a coach to help you stay focused and make sure that you are consistently prioritising your own health. I’m sure you are used to reporting to a board with numbers. By reporting to a coach regularly that will help with the end goal.

Healthy leaders keep their eye on the objective

There needs to be a deeper sense of what’s important than just making money as the boss. Are you building a legacy?  Do you want to give back to those around you?  This same question is just as important for your health.  I suspect the answer when you dive deeper into the question will become laser clear. Do you want to stop feeling breathless when playing with your grandkids? Is your retirement going to be something you can enjoy and not have health implications? These are real questions that need to be answered not just I need to tick off a session because that’s what others around me do.

Use these 3 top tips to drive success not only in your career but in your health and wellness!

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