Fitness Tips and Tricks for the Busy CEO

You’ve invested in your career; now invest in life.

This article was written to explain why the best investment you can make this year is in your health & wellbeing; it will positively affect your life in so many ways, even including your performance in business!

As a senior executive within a company day-to-day life can be an incredibly busy affair, making it seem like there is little to no time to keep fit and look after your own wellbeing. If you are in this position, you have likely spent the majority of your life investing heavily in your career. So why haven’t you made a similar investment in your own health, instead of sacrificing it along with other important factors of life?

Why should a CEO keep fit?

Firstly, we should all keep fit and healthy and, by now, we all know why. However, for a CEO or senior executive looking to take up fitness or hire a personal trainer, doing so can be a life-changing decision. Being in an executive position means that you’ve invested heavily in your career; very likely sacrificing health. By choosing to keep fit you not only benefit physically, but also improve your energy levels and productivity to further improve your mental performance. This will often lead to more efficiency and making time for the things that matter.

If this introduction sounds like you, then keep reading. We’ve compiled a few useful tips that can help CEOs and senior executives to make the time for fitness, including how they could benefit if they hire a personal trainer.

1. Plan Ahead

As the saying goes, ‘failure to plan is planning to fail’. CEOs often keep a diary, journal or schedule where they can keep track of meetings, deadlines and important dates; they may even have a PA that does this for them. So, why should exercise be any different? Taking the time to sit down and assess each week, month or year and seeing opportunities to exercise is vital for keeping up regular workouts. Treat these time-blocks the same way you would any other meeting.

A CEO could also hire a personal trainer who can help to plan their exercise when they lack the motivation, time or accountability.

2. Make use of Mornings

Making the time to exercise in the morning is a great use of time and excellent way to fit exercise in to a busy schedule. It is also highly recommended that exercise is part of everyone’s morning routine, because it makes you feel more energised and alert for the day to come. This would obviously be a big advantage for a CEO. However, finding the motivation to get up earlier to train can be difficult, which is why if individuals hire a personal trainer they can have the support of someone who is flexible, encouraging and knowledgeable to create fitness routines that are perfect for morning training.

PGPT’s mobile personal trainers can run sessions in your home, place of work, or in one of London’s many parks; perfect for morning training! Find out more about where we operate.

3. Choose the Right Exercise

For executives with tight availability in their schedule for exercise, the benefits of short, intense sessions cannot be underestimated. For anyone struggling to regularly keep fit, high-intensity exercise done even only 2 or 3 times a week can still be incredibly beneficial for health and fitness. These quick sessions are perfect for people who are pushed for time who can’t afford a 2 hour round trip to the gym.

4. Change your Commute

A survey taken in 2015 revealed that people working in London spend an entire week in hours’ worth of commuting every year. Think of all that wasted time and potential for exercise! A great way for CEOs to fit exercise into a busy schedule could be to use their daily commute as the exercise itself; walking, cycling or even running to the office every day. This can not only cut out time spent waiting on public transport, but also means they’ve already done their training by the time they sit in front of their desk.

How can PGPT help?

PGPT’s team of qualified, friendly personal trainers have been working with busy London executives since 2007. So we understand the daily stresses and time constraints experienced by so many people in high-pressure jobs, as well as the difficulties of their commutes. That’s why PGPT specialise in mobile personal training that is designed to be as convenient and beneficial for each client as possible.

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