Executive Fitness Programme for Business Men & Women

Getting results has never been an easy process in anything we do… we’d all love a magic pill, but there just isn’t one.  2020 has been the most challenging year in many of our lives and as we continue to work in a more restrictive climate, motivation is at an all-time low. So we want to turn this around for you!

We have developed a programme designed for business men and women in London that is perfect for the current situation we find ourselves in. The programme incorporates all of the fantastic executive services that a normal PGPT programme would; you can take advantage of our years of experiences training people with YOUR type of lifestyle and pressures, and it mixes face to face training with online virtual training via Zoom.

We firmly believe the current high pace and pressures of living in a city such as London, through this pandemic, are having such an effect on its residents that it will soon become a national crisis. So we want to provide those struggling with pressures of work and business, the fears of infection and  crippling low motivation with a solution; a way to create stability, energy and drive to their life again (never mind increasing their physical defences with improved immune systems!).

What Does The Executive Fitness Programme for Business Men & Women Involve?

This new programme includes the following each month:

  • 4 face to face training sessions
  • 8 virtual training sessions (via Zoom)
  • Diet and meal planning
  • Personal coaching & lifestyle changes
  • A support and accountability WhatsApp group
  • A package of eBooks and guides to help you make the best choices for an optimised version of you!
  • Access to our knowledge and years of experience turning the lives of London Executives and professionals around

This package will cost £912+VAT, offering a saving of £443+VAT from PGPT’s typical programme.

Learn more and enquire today.

The current climate is a particularly challenging one for maintaining self-discipline. However, if you shift your mindset and adapt your environment to support self-discipline during the most challenging of times, then it can become a habit when life is at its most positive.

Go forward and achieve folks – PGPT is here to support you!