DNA testing – the future of fitness

Exciting News PGPT are now doing DNA testing, a phenomenon that has become very popular both for health and wellbeing and for fitness and weight loss. But why is it becoming so popular?

What is DNA testing?

By taking a simple swab on the inside of your mouth we are able to send your results to a reputable lab who will analyse your DNA to find out a large number of facts about you and your body.

What can we find out?

We are able to gain a detailed report about your fitness. We all know that everyone is different and different diets and training styles work better for certain people.

Fitness: We can determine whether you suit weights and resistance training, or whether your body responds better to aerobic exercise. This means longer bouts of exercise that require you to use your slower twitch muscle fibres. We can see if you’re prone to injury and even how quickly you will recover from each session. Allowing us to really tailor make your programme.

Food: The DNA test will determine your sensitivities to alcohol, gluten, lactose and caffeine to name a few. How your body metabolises nutrients and if you need to make changes to your diet in order to make the most from your food.

By doing this we can eliminate the guesswork and write a meal plan programme that suits you. Being specific right down to if and when you should be getting your caffeine fix prior to training. With a detailed report there are no reasons why you shouldn’t start getting optimal results within the first few weeks of following your fitness and eating plan.

Have you ever been scared of having fat or carbs in your diet?

This test can conclude whether your body will work more efficiently by incorporating certain food groups, resulting in positive changes.

There may be no need to cut out your carbs, you can enjoy as much bread and pasta as you wish if it fits into our daily calorie consumption. Do you know if you are lactose intolerance? Do you have a pre disposition to being coeliac? Knowing these facts will allow you to make the necessary “tweaks” to help you achieve results faster.


Owner of PGPT Pete Gaffney did his DNA test a couple of months ago. He has made some small, but significant changes needed to get the most out of his fitness routine. For Pete they were mainly knowing when to consume caffeine, the intensity of his training and knowing his recovery time. As a result, Pete has seen positive changes in his body fat, muscle mass and energy levels over the past 3 months

Is it worth doing? Absolutely

If you’re time poor and you want to know with clarity what can you can do to achieve results fast, this is the solution for you. Within 14 days of sending your swab to the lab, you can have a programme written for YOU that you can implement straight away. No more going from Dukan to Atkins with no results. Let the science determine the right diet and training programme for you and take the guess work out of your health and fitness. The role of genetics plays a massive part in who we are and how our bodies function…get it right and get on the path to fast results.

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