Client of the Year 2021 – Ben Craft

Congratulations go to this year’s winner of PGPT’s Client of the Year – Ben Craft!

At PGPT we believe hard work and sacrifice should be recognised and rewarded, and we are lucky to see the physical and mental rewards our fantastic clients achieve on a daily basis. None more so that this year’s Client of the Year, Ben.

Over a 12 week period Ben showed tremendous focus and determination to achieve a very clear goal that he had set both himself and PGPT; to drop weight and transform his physical wellness. So he embarked on our Online Coaching Programme that turned out to be a massive success for him!

Ben’s results have been quite staggering, but not surprising to us, as he followed his instructions and programme impeccably. He reduced his weight by an amazing 2 stone, but more importantly lost over 8″ from his stomach! Further more Ben managed to kick some bad habits, including drinking.

In a recent interview, here is what Ben had to say himself about his journey so far:

What made you start your fitness journey with PGPT?

Someone posted a photo of me that made me that made me realise how out of shape I’d gotten! I’m naturally quite ‘chunky’, but was way too heavy and looked (and felt) awful in myself! I decided it was time to address it with professional help.

How were you feeling before making the change?

I was aware I needed to sort myself out, always tired and lack lustre. Busy lifestyle, poor eating habits, minimal exercise… 

What’s your routine look like now?

A world away from where I was! Sensible eating, limited alcohol, regular exercise; With assistance I changed my lifestyle habits from bad to very good.

What were 3 things about the programme with PGPT which helped you to change your lifestyle?

Outstanding support in everything.
A goal setting focus.
Radical (but sensible) change in diet and eating habits.

What would you say to anyone thinking about starting personal training with PGPT?

Can’t recommend Team PGPT enough! Genuinely life changing if you follow the programme with commitment!!!

Do you see yourself keeping your new look for ever?

As a senior Martial Arts instructor, students respect my knowledge and experience, but they like the new ‘energised’ me! Yes,  I plan to now stay in shape! You can’t understand how good it feels to get your old self back until you’ve done it.

Ben has been a complete pleasure to coach and our team have enjoyed working with him throughout his journey. So we all felt his dedication more than merited the title of PGPT Client of the Year!

Well done Ben – things are looking great and it’s time to reap the rewards!