Client of the month: Michael Pollak

This blog is close to home for me as Michael is a dear friend of mine. In a matter of 6 months Michael has begun a complete transformation and journeys like this, make being in the health and fitness industry worthwhile. Michael is on a 12 month programme and trains with PGPT twice a week. His progress has been one of hard work and inspiration, losing a total of 57lbs of body fat and shedding 23cm from around his stomach. His overall quality of life has improved drastically which is priceless. We all congratulate Michael for being PGPT’s client of the month for January.

I put Michael in the hot seat and asked him some questions about his journey thus far.

“60 seconds with Michael Pollak”

How do you find personal training?

It definitely takes the training that one would do by one’s self up several levels. So the satisfaction at the end is much greater. For me it was about understanding my body and the accountability that made all the difference.

What was the biggest mindset change for you?

Realising I’m really at the last chance saloon. And all the lives of my other cats are running out.

Biggest take away?

Most important thing is having a regime that is not oppressive. I think the food is really important in terms of the number of calories that PGPT have set (it’s realistic and fair).

So, having something that fits into your lifestyle?

Yes, I never have a meal that doesn’t seem to me, to be attractive. It doesn’t feel like a diet.

What would you say to anyone who is considering using PGPT?

It’s very worthwhile to find both the time and the money, even if it’s for a short-term goal.

Moving forward, what’s your next goal?

More of the same!