Meet Ian

WHO: Ian | Investments & Finance

AGE: 60

RESULTS: Lost 21lb in 12 weeks

Ian, tirelessly working in a high pressured position, came to PGPT 12 months ago in search of a complete lifestyle change.

Being an incredibly busy CEO in London, Ian found no time for his personal health. Long working hours led to food for convenience rather than nutrition and a lack of time and motivation for physical exercise. He set the aim to be fitter at sixty years old than he was at forty and knew that to meet this goal it was essential to transform his way of life entirely.

It was important to Ian that he was challenged so that he could commit fully to his new regime. Similarly, he wished to learn from his trainers and be driven to try new things. PGPT love to create a tailor-made fitness plan that both works for you and pushes you. Ian came to us ready to work and we met him with the motivation he needed to succeed.

Fast forward one year later and Ian has undergone a life changing physical transformation. He achieved his personal fitness goals faster than he knew he could.

“I have been able to achieve my objectives in double quick time!” Ian explains, “I could not be happier with my results,”

You might have not exercised in so long that you are afraid to return to it. You might believe that fitness is very far away from you. However, all you need is a willingness to change and we can provide you with the tools and encouragement you need to turn your life around.