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I went to the gym today and for the first time I felt extremely comfortable. The gym was empty and I felt like I was away from prying eyes. I think feeling insecure about what you’re doing when exercising in public is one reason you may avoid it. Another is that you just dread the idea of putting yourself though what feels like a task!

It’s human nature to avoid or put off what we dislike. As adults, we have control over most things and the things we can’t control or avoid we make them more bearable. Exercise is one area that we can control (and I don’t mean to avoid it)!

Take the classic circuit exercise “burpees”. It’s a killer and I guarantee that if I was to set it as homework most people just won’t follow through with it. The result would be that you would just avoid the request and then not exercise. Peter recently made a YouTube video about “The best exercise is the one that you will do!” and I couldn’t agree more. Doing a workout in your front room, dancing, yoga or walking are all going to benefit you, they don’t have to be scary or intimidating.

I’m sure you’ve heard that squats and deadlifts are two of the most effective exercises for weight loss. But how many of you own a barbell at home? The only other option outside of PT sessions is to perform this exercise at the gym. As a female, I often feel awkward walking into the weights section by myself. This area is usually filled with testosterone and big muscles (neither are words that I would use to describe myself). As a PT, I know the correct technique, I am also not in bad shape, but automatically feel like people are looking at me and/or judging me. This is enough to divert me towards another area of the gym.

I always try and plan what I am going to do during my workout, whether it be to work a single body part in the gym or a circuit at home. I’ve noticed that on the days when I plan legs, my ‘want’ to go to the gym is less. I could always find something in the house to do instead. But I know that my mood, appearance, and overall happiness is greater when I go. So now I’ve adopted a different approach. To be less hard on myself if I don’t do what I initially set out to do, but to do something that I know I will complete. My intensity is always high and I will push myself and I guarantee that I will ALWAYS feel better once I’ve finished!

So, don’t put off exercise, just find what you like and most importantly…Do It!

Nikki Lan

For Nikki health and fitness isn’t just a job, it’s a passion and part of her everyday life. With a keen interest in pre and post-natal training Nikki is always looking for new ideas, articles and studies to broaden her already vast knowledge of the subject.

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