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Client of the year PGPT | Mobile Personal Training in London

We are delight to announce our 2016 client of the year is Michelle Dawson!

Michelle has given us permission to share the comments she made on Facebook following a recent evening out and we thought clients, and prospective clients would be inspired to read about her experience.

Congratulations to Michelle. We’re honoured to have had the opportunity to support you in achieving the results you have.

“Last night I went out to my favourite restaurant in Soho and posted this picture on Facebook, I’ve had lots of lovely comments from my family and friends.

It made me reflect on my PGPT journey after signing up back in May I have undergone a transformation physically and most importantly mentally. The support from Peter Gaffney, Joe and Nikki has been truly life changing. From day one I felt part of a support network and was inspired to keep going . Having worked with trainers before I knew what to expect exercise wise. Diarising my early morning and weekend PT sessions, I felt committed and got stronger each week.

Despite the odd grumpy moment – it was 5.30 am though so I think I can be forgiven – I genuinely felt ready for my day after working out. I no longer dread the gym I look forward to working out and find it the best way to lift my mood after a tough day in the office .

And I never thought I would ever think that about exercise as I was genuinely used to fear it! However the real revelation for me on this programme was changing my approach to nutrition and recognising the reasons why my eating habits had to change to achieve results. I admit I was slightly skeptical at first but with the right nutrition plan and being accountable to PGPT my approach changed and I achieved the targets we had discussed.

It hasn’t been easy I’ve wobbled but Pete, Nikki and Joe were just a what’s app, email or phone call away. I’m no fitness nut – in fact I’m still living down the shame of Pete discovering 2 bottles of champagne chilling in my fridge in between my Seabass and Kale – but now I recognise that I need to make conscious decisions each day. When you set a goal, you get support and you are made accountable you achieve results and to me that sums up what you get when you commit to working with PGPT.

Thank you Pete, Nikki and Joe”

With fantastic leadership from Pete, the whole team at PGPT has been amazing in their expertise, knowledge and support as I embarked on my focused fitness and nutrition journey.In 16 weeks Michelle has lost 42lbs of fat, gained 8lbs of muscle, lost 16.2% body fat and a total of 44cm from her body
(results may vary from person to person)

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