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Congratulations go to this year’s winner of PGPT’s Client of the Year – Joey Ben Yoav

At PGPT we believe hard work and sacrifice should be recognised and rewarded, and we are lucky to see the physical and mental rewards our fantastic clients achieve on a daily basis. None more so that this year’s Client of the Year, Joey Ben Yoav.

In a 4 month period Joey showed tremendous focus and determination to achieve a very clear goal that he had set both himself and PGPT; to drop weight and transform his physical wellness so he could play football with his son, and ensure a healthier life to come.

Joey’s results have been quite staggering, but not surprising to us, as he followed his instructions and programme impeccably. He reduced his weight from 110.8kg to 94.2kg, lost over 20cm around his stomach and dropped 12.2% body fat! In his own words, this is how this transformation has affected his life:

1. What made you start your fitness journey with PGPT?

Two reasons.

  1. My son started playing football and I just couldn’t keep up with him. I wanted to be an inspiration to him, not a source of disappointment.
  2. Some family members had been suffering from ill health which affected myself and of course my entire family. I did not want to suffer the same fate.

I was initially sceptical having tried multiple trainers and multiple ‘diets’. I saw the changes to a very good friend who loved his food as I do and thought I should give it a go as at 110kg+ I didn’t have much to lose! (pardon the pun).

2. How were you feeling before making the change?

Uncomfortable, physically and mentally. Physically I had multiple aches and pains, a bad back from being bent over due to the weight of a big belly and bad knees due to loading. Mentally, I was resigned to a life of being overweight and the disappointment of not being able to conquer what I saw as part and parcel of being a well-rounded and balanced person.

3. What’s your routine look like now?

Physically active with lots of food prepping. I exercise 5 days a week, I have a PGPT session three days a week and workout alone twice a week. I know what I am eating in advance of my meals and this has cut down takeaways significantly.

4. What were 3 things about the programme with PGPT which helped you to change your lifestyle?

Firstly, I have been taught how to eat. Many trainers and regimes can show you how to get a sweat on but just give you generic advice on how to eat. I was held to account from day 1 on what I was eating and this made me realise quantities/breakdown etc. of the foods I was eating. I no longer feel ill on a Saturday night at the end of what used to be a day of binge eating.

Secondly, the variation of trainers. Each one had a specific strong suit, and this made every training session different, kept it interesting.

Thirdly, physical and mental changes. Physically I feel stronger, more supple and have more energy in general. Mentally I have a can-do attitude to pretty much everything and it comes from breaking the barriers of physical exercise.

5. What would you say to anyone thinking about starting personal training with PGPT?

If you are committed, focused and really want the change then budget for some new clothes as it will work.

6. Do you see yourself keeping your new look for ever?

Yes, for sure. I enjoy the lifestyle now and feel better for it. I can’t ever go back.

Joey has never looked or felt better!

A few words from PGPT

Joey has been a real pleasure to work with from day one. Willing to change, committed to the program and accountable on every level! It made him a very easy client to work with.

Although changes to physical appearance are important, seeing the changes that fitness can bring to our client’s lives is what really fills us with pride and excitement. Anyone can do it, but not so many are willing to try…

We are all so proud of Joey’s efforts and results and we can’t wait to see further transformations through 2019!

Enjoy the winter holidays and Happy New Year.

Success in fitness,

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