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You can be naughty and still win. Yes you heard me. I’m not much of a fan of the word diet. I believe you need to look at your eating habit as a lifestyle choice. This being said we are bound to have ups and down along the way. More importantly these blimps don’t need to be game breakers. Often what happens when we slip up with exercise or our new eating routine we often look at this as a reason to call it a day?

Approach this with a different mind-set and instead of looking at it as a complete disaster we can now look at it as a missed opportunity. I’m talking about making a commitment to exercise at a specific date and time and for whatever reason not following through with it. Or take food as an example, you make big bold statements like “I’m going to completely eliminate an entire food group” then crashing hard, calling it quits and going back to your old routine.

To be successful in your health and fitness endeavours you will have to be known as Mr/Miss/Mrs consistent. Yes, it’s really hard work achieving long lasting success, but it doesn’t mean one needs throw in the towel at the first roadblock or cut out the foods you used to love!

Everyone is programmed differently so what I would advise for one person would not work on someone else. For example I may give you an eating plan that says Monday- Friday you have to be regimented and disciplined then come Saturday you can have your “cheat” day and by Sunday you’re recalibrating and getting back in the zone and on track for your new week. Now a cheat day for some people may be couple of slices of pizza, with some chips washed down with a bottle of beer. For others it may be less drastic and it may be more of a sugar hit i.e. bar of chocolate then you’re good to go.

I know I personally work well with that set routine of being disciplined through the week and relaxed on the weekend. I know I have to hit a checklist before doing this however… In my mind I tick the boxes. Have I done 3 weight sessions this week? Have I also done my 3 cardio runs? Have I watched my calories during the week? If this is all yes then I can completely feel comfortable knowing Saturday will be a day of switching off and relaxing. You may find that you need that sugar hit or cheat day on the spur of a movement? (This is what I mean when I say what works for one may not be as straight forward for someone else.)

The point I’m trying to make is that when you form good habits and a new healthy routine make sure you leave the guilt at the door. For ultimate success you really have to feel comfortable with the choices you make and know that if you do slip up or relax at times, it’s not a reason to call it quits.

I want you to remember this last piece of advice. We are all human. We all make mistakes. Be big enough to acknowledge your slip up or as I like to call it- missed opportunity, and then move forward. And if it is a conscious decision to have a cheat day, then enjoy what you have. Don’t beat yourself up after the event and get back to that consistent winning way for ultimate success and results.

Peter Gaffney

Peter has had fitness running through his veins his whole life. Having grown up in sunny Australia, sport was instilled from a very young age. Now living and owning a personal training company in London Peter combines his love of fitness with his proven methods to get client results every time.