5 Tips to Mastering the Mental Side of Training

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Today’s PGPT blog post is going to be short, sweet and straight to the point. You cannot mess around when it comes to the mental aspect of training and fitness. There’s no room for fancy talk or jumping through hoops. Get your mind strong and your body will follow. The true measure of an individual is determined by what you can’t measure – the intangibles. You can’t measure commitment, persistence, or the power of the muscle in your chest, your heart! That’s where your fitness journey or your training program starts. Are you willing to commit to it and go above and beyond what’s expected…?

Let’s see.

1. Become Self Disciplined

This seems so simple, yet so many fall victim to the lack of self-discipline. Be it your training, your nutrition, your recovery, your sleep habits. Win the war against your own mind. You can create all the goals and targets you want but when it comes down to it your mind will be swayed, you will want to choose the comfort, the laziness, the easy option. Don’t! Remind yourself of why you started, what you’re trying to achieve and stay on track and determined to get those results.

1. Create successful daily habits

Again, seems so simple, however, extremely challenging at times. Ask yourself where you are now, and where you want to be in the future. Ask yourself what you’re willing to do to get there. What things can you do on a daily basis to achieve those results? What actions can you choose that are in your own best interests?

Success does not happen overnight. It takes months, years sometimes decades of dedication to get where you want to go. More often than not it’s the build-up of small things done daily and done CONSISTENTLY, that over time lead to success.

1. You don’t have to enjoy or love the work, you just have to crave the results

Do. The. Work. Training and fitness goals or any form of success for that matter does not come without gruelling hard work. If you are trying to lose weight, become strong, tone up, or remove pain and injury from your life you will for sure be uncomfortable putting the work in. You do NOT have to enjoy it you just have to crave the results you want!

1. Remain Positive

There will always be moments on your fitness journey of extreme discomfort. You will feel overwhelmed with stress, be it from your life, work, family, or training. It’s very important in these moments to have excellent self-reflection. To take a moment, breathe, and find the positivity in what you’re doing. Let these moments motivate and challenge you further to overcome even the toughest of situations. Work through the discomfort, you’ll survive. Imagine it as a gust of wind that’s trying to stop you moving forward. Figure out a way to make that wind push you from behind and keep going. Win the war against your own mind, perceive it differently and it will have great effect on your training and life quality.

1. Don’t Think!

I’m referring to those moments of overthinking, overanalysing, overcomplicating, second guessing, worrying and making excuses! These moments define us. Sometimes all you have to do is shut your mind off and go and do the work. I don’t want to get up early and train, shut your mind off to those thoughts and put your body through it. I’m feeling sore, shut your mind off and go and move! Don’t listen to those excuses, be disciplined, fulfil those habits, crave those results and remain positive. Go Go Go!!

You may have noticed that my numbering is a bit off!

If I’d have numbered these points 1-5 you may have assumed that number 1 is the most important and the rest just follow behind. Everything on this list is equally important.

Master your mind, and your body will follow.

Yudi Morris

Yudi Morris

Personal Trainer at PGPT
Everyone wants to be a high performer, whether that be at work or your chosen sport, hobby or even at home. Yudi is a qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach, PT & Sports Massage Therapist who has worked in a high performance basketball & football environments where development, performing & winning is everything. From nutrition, mindset, movement and your recovery, these all impact the quality of how you perform on a daily basis, with the right behaviours and habits Yudi will help you achieve your full potential to reach your goals and achieve high performance.