The Benefits of Boxing Training

Boxing is a sport that requires a mixture of attributes including physical fitness and mental toughness. Having boxed for 8 years, I can honestly say it’s the fittest and probably the most disciplined I have ever been.

As a personal trainer I love to include elements of boxing training with my clients during our sessions. It’s fun, fast moving and really raises the heart-rate.

Here are 4 of the benefits you can get from including boxing into your training regime.

1. Relieve stress

If you have had a tough day at work and are feeling stressed out then putting on some boxing gloves and hitting pads or a punch bag is a great way to let off some steam and take out your frustrations. You will also be releasing endorphins so should be left feeling on a high post workout.

2. Low impact for lower body

For anybody suffering from knee or ankle problems, or for those with gout and looking for an alternative to running or jumping. Boxing is the perfect way to get your cardiovascular workout in. By using power and continuous fast movements you will really feel the heart racing.

3. Fat burning

An intense session of hitting the pads will have you working up a sweat, burning lots of calories and toning muscles in the arms, shoulders and core. It can also be used in an interval type fashion, and be great for anaerobic fitness and ensuring that you’re burning those calories even during rest following on from your session.

4. It’s great fun

PGPT web-01291Many of my clients really enjoy boxing, I’ve had requests from some to do a whole hour of boxing during in PT sessions. Not only is it beneficial for the fitness aspect but it’s great for building self-confidence and co-ordination. You’ll get a lot of pleasure from learning to put together combinations as well as defensive head movement.

Boxing may not be for everyone, but it’s a great alternative to standard or routine styles of cardio vascular training. It’s simple but effective. You can burn up to 600 calories in an hour boxing session, so give it a try and get yourself fighting fit!