Be Touched By Greatness – The Maccabiah Games

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I’m starting to get pretty excited about the upcoming 2017 Maccabiah Games!

With over 10,000 of not only the best Jewish athletes, but best athletes in the world competing for the ultimate personal prize and honour for their country, it would take a pretty apathetic person not to feel some sense of inspiration. However, isn’t it ironic that we feel this way whilst sitting on our sofa or favourite lounge chair, possibly with some kind of unhealthy snack and beverage watching these athletic beings?

The tagline for the upcoming games is “Touched by Greatness”, which I think is a fantastic message! It’s also pretty accurate in my opinion. I don’t know whether it’s my years of semi-professional football or being in the business of sport and exercise, but these athletes do touch my emotions and inspire me to get out there.

So as we gather with family or friends to watch the Maccabiah games next week, how can we use this period to get fit ourselves and emulate the effort these athletes are displaying? How can we set the right example to our kids that sport and exercise should be part of everyday life for both our physical and mental wellbeing?

Watch my latest video and read our 3 tips below:

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Be ‘Touched’ by the Greatness You Watch

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I’d be surprised if you are not even a little inspired by these athletes and events; men and women from across the world who have dedicated years of their lives to become masters of their craft. Imagine the pain they have put themselves through… The early mornings they didn’t want to wake up for… The number of losses they likely had to endure before experiencing victory.

Take this inspiration and use it! Look at yourself in the mirror and ask ‘am I the best version of myself?’ If the answer is no, set yourself a goal; not just a 2 week goal, or a goal till the end of summer, but make it long term. Join a gym, hire a personal trainer or take up a sport.

Give it a Try

Why not imitate some of the movements these athletes have perfected?

Now I’m not talking about using kitchen chairs as hurdles or practicing the long jump across your living room floor, but you could certainly stand up and get into some of the positions that the athletes have to hold or take off from; even just to feel what it’s like.

If you have a garden, why not get outside in between breaks and practice the hop, skip and jump, or race your kids from one end to the other, starting as if you’re at the blocks! This may seem simple and maybe silly to some, but you will be up and moving! This will energise you and fend off that feeling of sluggishness you get from sitting on a sofa for prolonged periods.

Have Some Fun

I think my last tip really is the most important; just have some fun! Take your kids outside and compete with them (maybe let them win), come up with challenges during each event like running on the spot during the 100m or see how many push-ups you can complete during each lap of the 1500m. Maybe if you have friends and family round you could create forfeits if your team or competitor loses or drops a point; use your imagination.

You see, from my years of training clients, especially now while training them in their own home, I know that both my trainers and I get the most out of them when they are enjoying themselves. Most people don’t enjoy exercise initially, but grow to love it. However, with a little added fun it certainly makes starting a lot easier and that enjoyment in-turn creates consistency; this is the key to results.[/cs_text][x_line style=”border-top-width: 1px;”][cs_text]It’s going to be a fantastic 2 weeks of competition to enjoy in-between working hours, and I know my family and I will be having some fun during them. So I hope some of these tips inspire you to do the same. You never know, it might also energise you in other areas of life such and work and business… In fact, I can guarantee that it will!

If you struggle for ideas during the games, keep your eye on PGPT’s social media pages and website www.pgpt.co.uk; we’ll be adding daily tips and showing you what we’re up to! For bespoke personal training, look no further than PGPT.[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]