3 Ways for Executives to get their work life balance right

Slight tweaks in your working day and lifestyle can make you feel like you’re getting your work life balance back on an even playing field.

As the owner of a personal training company that specialises in training CEOs and executives it’s not uncommon for me to hear the phrase “I’m exhausted”.

On one hand I’m empathetic to this statement. Fighting fires, creating opportunities and trying to prioritise your workload is a huge task. However I’m also of the belief that most executives are at the root of the problem.

Below are 3 ways for executives to get their work life balance right.

  1. Prioritise Health

We only have one body so it is essential to give it the care and attention it deserves. Exercising regularly, taking time to focus on nutrition and investing in activities to de stress not only will give you a better quality of life, you’ll find that your productivity at work will increase along with being far more efficient with tasks that you set for yourself. There are so many benefits to staying healthy that you would be foolish to not invest the correct time and attention your body truly deserves. Once you get this right, you will find sleep patterns will be better, feeling run down will be a thing of the past and sick days will be non- starter.

  1. Book Personal Time

All of my clients that are successful have one thing in common. They are all organised. Executives and leaders always live their life through their diary/calendar.  That’s great in a business sense but you forget to do one thing. Book personal time. If you find you’re in the office 7 days a week doing 13 hour days you definitely have your work life balance way out of kilter. We all try to put our family time or personal time off until that “right” moment. Unfortunately like with most things in life there may never be that perfect opportunity. So instead of using your calendar just for work appointments, pencil in time for yourself and family. It may be finishing every Thursday night at 6pm to take your wife out to dinner or it may be a dedicated slot to watch your kids play sport every week. Whatever it is, pencil it in like any other appointment.

  1. Trust Others In Your Team

The saying “if you want something done right, do it yourself” is a very dangerous message.  As an executive if you really want to get your work life balance right you need to learn to delegate and to trust the team around you. By doing this the opportunities for time to open up around you will become so much more mathematically possible. To be effective you need to be self-aware. Understand your strengths. More importantly understand your weaknesses. Allow the other people in your team to do what they are there for.

If you have provided your fellow employees with the right tools to succeed then you must give them the opportunity to follow it through.

Work life balance is not a new concept and anyone successful has often struggled to get the balance right. Follow the steps above to not only regain your health and wellness but to also enjoy the time and the success you have earned instead of feeling burnt out and exhausted.

Success in health and fitness,