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Welcome To The New Age of Private Personal Training

Since 2007 PGPT has coached, what we call, time-poor Londoners whose success in business was to the detriment of their health and fitness… Business owners, executives, politicians and celebrities; we have trained them all, and importantly understand the challenges of their lifestyles. Part of this lifestyle is regular travel…

PGPT have rolled out tools and processes we have used with our clients for years to ensure we keep them accountable and serve their fitness requirements wherever they are on the globe.

We live in a digital world and we’re here to serve you.


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Our Virtual Personal Training Package

How It Works

During this challenging time in our lives, It Is now more important than ever to ensure you optimise your overall wellness and resilience.

The 2 most important aspects of achieving optimised health & fitness is consistency and knowledge; we ensure our clients are kept accountable with both training and nutrition, and create a bespoke programme that will ensure we achieve their personal goals.

This service is carried out across a number of technologies that have been used by PGPT for years to support clients while they travel; technologies such as Zoom, Whatsapp, and a private client account area of our website that allows us to track progress and implement programmes.

If the current global crisis has driven you to give up on fitness consistency, or you are now possibly concerned about your own resilience, then it is time to introduce structure.

Are you ready to boost your immune system, gain back the fitness and energy you once had, and take control of your own levels of health and fitness?


Monthly Package

Assessment – Strategy – Accountability – Support

1. Physical Evaluation

A comprehensive health and fitness evaluation via a video-based physical, nutrition and fitness consultation.

2. Training

A minimum of 8 or 12 live, tailored training sessions to improve your strength, circulation, and respiratory system. This can be achieved with or without equipment.

3. Meal Plans

Following an initial consultation, a customised meal plan will be built just for you to ensure your vitamin and nutrient levels are optimised.

4. Daily Check-in

Daily fitness check-in call with target reviews, activity tracking and performance advice.

5. Supplements

 You will receive a package of vital supplements to boost your immune system and increase energy levels.

6. Live Coaching

A personal accountability and coaching WhatsApp group with all PGPT trainers, to keep you on-track.

7. A Learning Resource Package

You will receive a file of helpful resources designed by PGPT to deal with issues such as back pain and daily habits.

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DAVID | CEO, London
“PGPT not only changed my weight and my fitness levels, they changed my outlook and drive in life. I was often lethargic and tired at the end of the day. Now I’m full of energy and productive all day.”
DANNY | Partner, London

“I felt that I needed to do something about my weight and a good friend recommended me to PGPT. It was the perfect storm – Definitely worth while! Getting into old shirts was nice too!”

STEVEN | Director, London

“Definitely one of the best investments you can make. If you are committed and determined to succeed then you are 99.9% guaranteed success. These guys do not have “no” and “impossible” in their vocabulary and for them your success is also theirs.”