Are you looking to lose weight and improve your well-being effectively? Then it’s time to say goodbye to unhealthy and unsustainable faddy diets.

At PGPT you can work with one of our fully qualified personal trainers to design a nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle. Put down the mid morning crisps; don’t grab that 4 pm chocolate hit and prepare to apologise to your local take away as they’ll be losing business. You’ll be better prepared for healthier eating, you’ll learn how to make sensible choices, and your fat will melt away.

“I have recommended Pete to friends and patients, who’ve shared the success and weight loss goals I have.” – Ellie Cannon, GP and media medic.

Your PGPT personal trainer will make the required adjustments to your nutritional plan every four weeks until you hit your target. They will also take regular body fat and circumference measurements in order to effectively track your progress.

The Importance of Good Eating Habits

Although exercise is very important, without considering what you are putting into your body you will never efficiently achieve your physical & health goals. Even if you are spending an hour every day exercising, this will all be for nothing if you do not fuel yourself properly; you will simply not see or feel the results you are working for.

Fortunately, with the help of PGPT, we can find the perfect nutrition plan to suit you, your body and your lifestyle. By changing up your plan every four weeks, we will be able to find the perfect plan for you that is achievable to maintain and maximises your chances of success; consistency is the secret to achieving your goals.

“Working with PGPT has helped me achieve the weight and fitness goals that have been such a struggle in the past. He’s helped me revolutionise my eating habits, lose 33 pounds, get fitter/more toned and feel more energetic, happy and confident.” – Fiona Mocatta, Marketing Manager.

Benefits of Nutrition Plans

There are countless benefits of starting a nutrition plan, benefits which go above and beyond just your physical appearance and health. A nutrition plan can truly change your life, your mental state and energy.

In order to achieve maximum success in any project a strategy is important; many of us know this from work or business. Would you start a year without an effective business plan or suitable KPIs? Well think of your Nutrition Plan as your road map to success.

All of our trainers here are highly qualified and experienced in bringing clients success and changing their lives for the better. So by following our Nutrition Plans you can be confident that the food and drink that you are putting inside you will be beneficial and healthy. This
takes away any dubiety or concerns you may have when choosing your own meals; this is one less decision you don’t have to make each day, saving time and mental energy.

On top of this, with a plan in place you can accurately measure the effect that your new eating habits are having on your body and performance. With an inconsistent diet, it is a lot harder to determine what your body requires in order to perform at its optimum.

We guarantee that by following our plans properly you will see a change in your physique and you will see a difference in your mental and physical performance.

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