Yes of course you can. Although we are mobile trainers who visit people in their homes, we are also offer a remote and online service. With dedicated fitness professionals on hand to answer your questions via email, we can still offer you a nutritional plan, an exercise routine and coach you on your fitness journey.
PGPT have both male and female trainers and can arrange for you to have a male or female trainer for your sessions.
Well we cannot speak about other companies, but I can say that PGPT are exclusive, we don’t open our books often. We like to ensure that we offer our clients the best service, not just during their training sessions, but seven days a week. We are available via email or phone to support, encourage and support our clients though their journey. We also have a dedicated client support and care team to make sure you achieve success in the quickest possible time.
No – there is no such thing as spot reduction. Ie if you have weight on your stomach, targeting just that area won’t make you lose the weight. You need a combination of resistance exercises to speed up metabolism combined with cardio vascular exercises to burn calories.
No- nutrition is vital to staying in shape and helping you lose weight. If you’re not eating the right foods you’ll never lose the pounds!
Yes – if you haven’t had complications with other pregnancies. And your training age is over 3 years ( ie you’ve been exercising at least 3 times a week for the past 3 years) your fine to exercise during the pregnancy as long as you follow guidelines
Absolutely – running is all about small progressions and a structure and routine. With a tailored programme not only could you finish but you could even complete under an hour.
No – there is a concept called over training. One should generally have a rest day after they have worked a particular body part. Especially if they are a beginner.
Absolutely – exercise and losing weight combined with eating the right foods will contribute towards controlling and lowering blood sugar levels.
Certainly do. Why not try a group session (2or 3 in a group) or the boot camp format and running club. Its great fun and you’ll meet other exercise minded people.