Train at Home

Working out at a time and place that suits you. Train in the comfort of your own home and meet your fitness goals.


Train at Work

Save time by fitting in your work out around your work life. Make the most of your lunch break or beat the rush hour by working out at your office before going home. 

Train Outside

Make the most of the fantastic parks around Totteridge by taking your training outside. Our bespoke programs allow you to train any time, any where.

When you are caught up in city life, it can be hard to find time to keep fit. Fortunately, a Totteridge personal trainer can help you. Whether you are looking to exercise in the comfort of your own home, or in your lunch break at work, PGPT can help you.

At PGPT, we specialise in Totteridge personal trainers, particularly for CEOs and executives based in London. We understand that when you hold a lot of responsibility at work, it can be hard to find time to focus on your fitness, but a mobile personal trainer is the perfect solution.

Our services are incredibly popular with CEO’s, directors and those who live a busy lifestyle. A mobile personal trainer from PGPT is the perfect and simple solution to improving your fitness!

Enquire today about Totteridge personal training!

At PGPT our mobile personal trainers know that a huge hurdle in achieving your fitness goals is a negative mindset. We create a personalised plan to suit your lifestyle and ensure you achieve everything you want to. Our expert mobile personal trainers will keep you motivated and focused on your goals at all times. This way you will achieve your goals efficiently. By travelling to you our trainers save you time, so there is no excuse not to make time for fitness in your schedule.

At PGPT, we are focused on achieving all your personal fitness goals and gaining real, lasting results. Whatever you may want to achieve, a mobile personal trainer will keep you focused on your fitness goals so you can improve your fitness with ease. Our bespoke approach means that everything is tailored to you and with a dedicated professional focusing on your progress.