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Working out at a time and place that suits you. Train in the comfort of your own home and meet your fitness goals.


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Save time by fitting in your work out around your work life. Make the most of your lunch break or beat the rush hour by working out at your office before going home. 

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Make the most of the fantastic parks around Highgate by taking your training outside. Our bespoke programs allow you to train any time, any where.

Personal Trainer Highgate: Helping you to get fit in your own home or office!

Finding time to keep fit can be difficult when you are caught up in the bustle of London life. Fortunately, a Highgate personal trainer can help you. A Highgate Personal Trainer can help you get fit at a time, place, and location. If you enjoy exercising inside or outside in the wonderful Highgate, or in the comfort of your own house, PGPT can help.

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Highgate is a very green region of north London at the north-eastern corner of Hampstead Heath, 4.5 miles (7.2 km) north-west of Charing Cross. Highgate is a standout amongst the most costly vibrant areas in which to live in London. It has a dynamic preservation body, the Highgate Society, to protect its characteristics.

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Until late Victorian times, it was an unmistakable town outside London, sitting with one leg on each side of the main route toward the north. The territory holds numerous green fields including the eastern piece of Hampstead Heath, three woods, Waterlow Park, and the eastern Highgate dish. At the center, is Highgate town. A gathering of superb Georgian shops, bars, eateries, and private streets with a range of excellent landmarks.

These include St Michael’s Church and steeple, St. Joseph’s Church and its green copper arch, Highgate School (1565), and Jacksons Lane. Highgate contains the Victorian graveyard in which the Communist rationalist Karl Marx is laid to rest and numerous other famous individuals.

The town is at the highest point of North Hill which gives sees crosswise over London: it is 129 meters (423 ft) above ocean level at its highest point.