Growing up in Brisbane, Australia, Peter was bound to try every sport under the sun. It became clear at a young age two sports stuck out; Cricket and Football. Football eventually won the battle and Peter enjoyed a semi professional career until a serious injury ended his playing days in 2001. During his football career, Peter studied Sports Science and shortly after graduating, he moved to London in May of 2002. Peter then went on to work for two of the largest health and fitness clubs in the UK before leaving in 2007 to start PGPT.

Peter has now delivered in excess of 12000 hrs of personal training since 2002. He has helped countless clients (or partners) achieve their goals and his greatest satisfaction is enabling clients to achieve everlasting success.

Peter has a real passion for education and research in the fitness industry and often finds his downtime is best spent writing and researching latest trends and techniques so his blogs will always be topical and relevant.